Match scoring explained and updated


If you’re unfamiliar with the rating system, it dictates what you earn from each battle in terms of currency and progression. The higher your points score, the better the rating you receive via the end-of-match screen (S, A+, A, B+, B, etc) and the higher the returns in terms of Bronze Coins, XP and Honour.

Your overall rating is based on numerous tallies across three broad categories; the importance of each depending on the type of battle:

  • Battle Points are determined by your combat actions and include warlords kills and assists, unit kills and how many times you’ve died.
  • Round Points are calculated from how many capture points you’ve helped secure, whether you’ve used or destroyed any artillery and how much damage you’ve caused. It also takes into account your interactions with ladders, battering rams and siege towers.   
  • Outcome Points are those you earn either from victory or defeat.

In terms of what’s changed in the Pre-Season Update, the significance of kills, assists and captures to the final score calculation has been slightly downgraded. Meanwhile, the rewards generally have been slightly increased, especially for Hideout, Expedition (PvE) and Territory War battles.

These changes have come about from your feedback, since how we balance the rewards for combat is just as important as the battles themselves. So that we can keep evolving all aspects of combat to ensure it remains enjoyable and worthwhile for everyone, please keep your feedback rolling in!