Fall head over heels for our Valentine’s Day events and sales until February 23! Treat yourself to sales on items worthy of Cupid himself, unlock an amazing new Musket Weapon Attire, level up with Zero to Hero to earn amazing rewards, and much more.

Zero to Hero: Level Up with Love

Forget chocolates and teddy bears, this Valentine’s Day is all about upgrading your hero level! Go from lovesick loser to superpowered stud and earn rewards until February 23.

Earn 2 Levels

3x Rare Wisdoms

Earn 5 Levels

1x Treatise

Earn 8 Levels

2x Epic Artillery Selection Boxes

Earn 12 Levels

1x Epic Wisdom

Earn 16 Levels

2x Treatises

Earn 20 Levels

1x Arrows of Love Selection Box

Treat Yourself to Valentine’s Sales 

Pick up these Valentine’s items for yourself or the special Warlord in your life from the in-game Store until February 23 (08:00 Server Time).

  • Cupid’s Bow
  • Cupid’s Shortbow
  • “Propose” Emote
  • Bactrian Knights Unit Attire

Golden Tiger Attire Chests

The Golden Tiger Attire Chest is back! First released to mark the Year of the Tiger, they contain cosmetics worthy of a true animal lover. Pick it up until March 9 (08:00 Server Time) and bag the chance of receiving any one of these goodies: 

  • Tiger Legend Hero Attire
  • Tiger General Hero Attire
  • Fresh Steed Mount Set
  • Tiger of the Nation Unit Attire
  • And many more!

Adoring Challenge

Complete a set of in-game Challenges from now until February 23 (08:00 server time) to earn special rewards for free, including a Title, Doctrine, and Musket Weapon Skin!

You can check on your progress and claim your rewards from the in-game Activity page when you log in, or by pressing F5. Complete the challenges below to claim your freebies!

  • Complete 4 challenges to receive the "Dragonfire Heart" Title
  • Complete 8 challenges to receive 1x Epic Wisdom
  • Complete 12 challenges to receive 3x Treatises
  • Complete 16 challenges to receive an Event-Exclusive Doctrine
  • Complete 20 challenges to receive Suan Ni's Yawn Musket Skin

Happy Valentine’s Day!