Ever the old romantic, the Smuggler has procured fresh stock to commemorate Valentine’s Day from February 2 until February 16! Cross his palm with Silver or Bronze in exchange for Stashes and Treasures filled with random contents such as explosive siege weapons, precious resources, crafting components, and Rare Schematics.

The luckiest of lovers can get their hands on Bactrian Knights Unit Attire, a new set of armour for Camel Lancers available in both the Tyrant’s Stash and Tyrant’s Treasure. The Bactrian Knights aided Shahiri diplomats on missions across the world. Upon alighting in the Eastern Empire, the Knights were welcomed with armour fashioned on a legendary beast said to represent luck. Under the protection of this beast, the Knights were said to have enjoyed great happiness and success.

The Smuggler has the following wares in stock until February 16:

  • Tyrant’s Stash (Buy with Bronze)
  • Tyrant’s Treasure (Buy with Silver)

Keep an eye out for more Valentine’s Day surprises in Conqueror’s Blade!