The Lunar Festival is in full swing! As part of the celebrations, get up to 50% off bundles from the in-game Store until February 16.

  • Fortune & Glory Bundle: Seek out fortune with5 Large Chests of Bronze (50,000 Bronze Total), 5 1-Battle Super Unit XP Cards, 30 Unit Medals, and 10 Greater Scrolls of Glory (Purchase Limit: 5)
  • Imperial Supply Bundle: Prepare for bountiful battles with 1-Battle Super Unit XP Cards, Unit Medals, and Bronze. (Purchase Limit: 10)
  • Heavy Weapons Bundle: Have an explosively good time with this bundle containing 30 Powdered Silver, 5 Rare Weapon Schematics Selections, 5 Random Rare Artillery Chests, and 5 Random Epic Artillery Chests (Purchase Limit: 5)
  • Prospector Pack: All the resources you need, including Silver (of the Chest and Powdered varieties), siege weapons, a 30-day Premium Account, and more! (Purchase Limit: 3)
  • Captain’s Bundle: Sail to sumptuous riches with a bounty of Bronze, 5x Magistrate's Memoirs, and 5x Rare Schematic Chests. (Purchase Limit: 5)
  • Festival Artillery Bundle: Start the Year of the Rabbit off right with Epic and Legendary Artillery Selection Boxes. (Purchase Limit: 3)
  • Festival Fireworks Bundle: More boom for your buck with plenty of Mortars, Thunderstars, and more. (Purchase Limit: 3)
  • Lunar Festival Lotus Bundle: Do some spring cleaning for a new year with Lotus Water, Unit Medals, and Scrolls of Renewal. (Purchase Limit: 5)

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the exciting events and super sales the Lunar Festival has to offer!