Jump into the new year in leporine style with the Lunar Festival! Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit in Conqueror’s Blade between now and February 9 with lucky events and sales.


Get lucky with the following Lunar Festival sales and discounts:

  • Attire Chest Shop Rotation: The Protectorate General's Attire, Qian Officer's Attire, and Shore's Edge Pike will be added to the store (‘G’) and available to purchase.
  • Attire Variations: The Ascended General Attire has a new attire variation, in addition to a free variant of the Wu Sheng Hat & Beard. Pop to the personalisation interface and select the original attire to purchase new variations.
  • Dynastic Deals: Grab 40% off Season VIII: Dynasty Units and Weapon Challenges from the F5 menu!
  • Golden Keys: Check out the in-game Store for limited offers on Golden Keys where you can grab the goods for up to 50% off! Starts January 24.


Treat yourself to lucky Lunar Festival treasures with Attire Chests! Open them to claim incredible cosmetics, including brand-new items to mark the Year of the Rabbit:

  • Three Dynasties Attire Chest: This noble chest has a chance of containing the Ascended General Hero Attire, Five Passes Mount Set, Honour Guard Unit Attire, and lots more!
  • Deadly Art Attire Chest: This brand-new Attire Chest could contain the ultimate prize of the Eight Principles Glaive, which features unique visual effects.


The Festive Fortune’s Bounty continues at the Lunar Festival! Spend your Sovereigns at the in-game store before February 9 (08:00 server time) to earn Golden Keys, Radiant Arrows, the Moon Rabbit Epic Title, and the Lunar Festival Headwear Selection (which includes the brand-new Gilded Bunny Mask).



Bonus Items

40,000 Sovereigns

10x Golden Keys

1,000x Radiant Arrows

50,000 Sovereigns

1x Epic Title ‘Moon Rabbit’

1,000x Radiant Arrows

60,000 Sovereigns

15x Golden Keys

1,000x Radiant Arrows

80,000 Sovereigns

1x Lunar Festival Headpiece Selection 

2,000x Radiant Arrows

Radiant Arrows can be exchanged for Curios, Lotus Water, Golden Keys, Lunar Magic Emote, Spitfire Emote, and much more!

To claim Fortune’s Bounty rewards, open the Activities Panel (press ‘O’) and select Activities from the top tab. Then, select Fortune’s Bounty to see which rewards you can collect and click ‘Get Reward’ to have them sent to your inventory.


Grab up to 30% off Attires from The Year of the Mouse, Ox, and Tiger, and celebrate the Lunar Festival in style! 

  • Warrior Mouse Hero Attire
  • Lucky Mouse Horse Attire
  • Lion Warrior Unit Attire
  • Chiyou’s Battle Hero Attire
  • Chiyou’s Mount Set
  • Lunar Ox Unit Attire
  • Lunar Ox Unit Banner
  • Smiling Tiger Unit Attire
  • Tiger Colt Set 
  • Tiger's Eye Banner

40% Off the Scorpio Battle Pass & Glory

There’s still time to strike from the shadows and cement your place in the assassin's hall of fame! From now until February 2 (08:00 server time), you can pick up the following for 40% off (‘F5’):

  • Scorpio Battle Pass
  • Scorpio Battle Pass Bundle
  • Scorpio Battle Pass Progress (Glory)

The Lunar Festival will be active until February 9. Enjoy the festivities!