Weekly News Summary (September 6, 2019)


As we mentioned last week our video team is away, so for the next couple of “episodes” our round-ups will have to exist in text form only. For the sake of consistency, you are of course welcome to provide your own imaginary footage and comedy voiceover as you read along,…

Welcome Warlords to another round-up of news and events, coming to you from the heart of the Conqueror’s Blade newsroom.

Pre-Season Update deployed

We start this week with the only news that mattered, which was the release of the Pre-Season Update. With the end of the gender lock, numerous graphical enhancements and the introduction of the War Scholar, not only was it the biggest upgrade yet to be deployed, but its patch notes were also by far the most extensive. They’ve been out for days and some people still haven’t reached the end!

Finding the Hidden City

Continuing our series of map guides, this week we sent our chief tactician to scout out Hidden City, which, as it happens, wasn’t that hard to find. You can check out the full strategy report here, with hints and tips for attackers and defenders. 

Undead Lords profiled

This week’s House Profile focused on the Undead Lords, a gaming clan that has been steadily decomposing across various games for more than 20 years, and is currently spreading like the plague across the NA server. Whether you consider them friends or enemies or have yet to catch a whiff of them, the interview is worth a read

We shall wrap things up there, as the first weekend of a pre-seasoned Conqueror’s Blade is almost upon us. We’ll have more words for you throughout the next seven days, with guides and profiles aplenty. See you at the next post!