Sign-in daily and embark on quests to earn astral rewards to exchange for special Doctrines in the Stargazer’s Wisdom Event!

  • Sign-in Event: Log in daily to earn Silver Keys, Treatises, Rare Wisdoms, Epic Boxes and Schematics, and Astronomer's Almanacs (which can be traded for limited-time rewards).
  • Warden Quests: Complete Quests from the Warden to earn Bronze, Honour, and Flasks of Wisdom. 

Doctrine Exchange 

Log in daily to pick up Astronomer’s Almanacs and complete quests from the Warden for Flasks of Wisdom, then head to the Event Exchange to swap these items for Treatises and Special Doctrines! 

  • Jangju Sword Doctrine: Increases slashing damage by 80 points and increases slashing armour penetration by 30 points.
  • Camel Lancer Attack Doctrine: While Charge is in effect, the movement speed of enemies stabbed is reduced by 10% for 2 seconds.
  • Hashashins Life Doctrine: Increases Hashashins health by 500 points.
  • Historical Doctrine Selection Box: Choose between a Berserker's Assault, Shieldmaiden's Guardian, Rangers' Mobility, Imperial Pike Guards Attack Doctrine, Dimachaeri Siccae Doctrine, Myrmillones Shield Doctrine, or Retiarii Marching Doctrine.

Reward exchanges are available until January 12, 2023(08:00 server time).

IMPORTANT: Any unspent Astronomer’s Almanacs and Flasks of Wisdom will not expire and should be kept safe for future events.