As the thirteenth weapon class to arrive in Conqueror’s Blade, the Chain Dart & Scimitar is the weapon of choice for true assassins. Use the hook to pull enemies towards you to deliver lethal blows, and cut down enemies with your slashing scimitar.

Take on the Chain Dart & Scimitar challenges to unlock it via the Seasonal Menu (F5).


Progress through the Chain Dart & Scimtar Challenges and be rewarded for your efforts!

  • Stage 1: Unlock the Weapon Class and receive 1x Greater Scroll of Glory.
  • Stage 2: Pick up another Greater Scroll of Glory and unlock the Trap Prey Ultimate Skill.
  • Stage 3: Receive the Epic Rarity Fast Venom Chain Dart & Scimitar
  • Stage 4: Recieve the Scarlet Nemesis Hero Attire.

Weapon Skills

The Chain Dart & Scimitar has a variety of skills that make it a stealthy option for the battlefield.

  • Stinging Strike: Consume stamina and throw darts at the fan-shaped area in front, causing damage
  • Leap and Slash: Jump up and slash downward with the Scimitar, causing high damage.
  • Scorpion’s Snare: Jump forward, grab the first enemy you encounter, turn to the back of the target and attack it, causing damage
  • Sandwalk: Throw a smoke bomb on the spot, causing small damage and a slowing effect to surrounding enemies, and jump back a short distance

Ultimate Skills

The Chain Dart & Scimitar boasts only one Ultimate Skill, but it is by far the most lethal of them all.

  • Trap Prey: The Trap Prey Ultimate Skill enables you to take control of your enemy. Throw a chain at enemy Units or Heroes and hook them to pull yourself closer to the target, enabling you to deal close-range damage. This skill can also be used while on your mount for drive-by devastation. 


Light Armour works well with the Chain Dart & Scimitar, especially the Sand Scorpion Set, which is made specifically for the weapon and adds special bonuses which include Skill damage boosts and reduced Ultimate Skill cooldown.


Equip brand-new Runes to your Chain Dart & Scimitar to equip bonuses to help you achieve victory.

  • Pirouz: Using Leap and Slash, Sandstorm, or Stinging Strike will reduce the cooldown of Scorpion's Snare. 
  • Poshtab: Scorpion's Snare damage is increased and the enemy's slashing defence is reduced. 
  • Puskan: Sandstorm throws gravel during escape, reducing the accuracy of Ranged Units. 

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