Strike from the shadows in the new PvE Mode: Deploy & Defend. Deploy units to set up defences and fend off attackers. Defeat all enemies to achieve victory!


Deploy & Defend is a new PvE Mode where solo players can deploy multiple Units at the same time to defend the camp by themselves.

Victory & Defeat

  • 100% chance drop on victory: Uncommon Wisdom.
  • You can earn up to 4 Uncommon Wisdoms per day.

Victory Conditions: Defeat all enemies within the allotted time.

  • The map features multiple flags. Interacting with one enables you to deploy Units or change the ones stationed there. 
  • The Units you can deploy will refresh each time you deploy new Units or when you press the Change Unit button, and the Units you deploy can change as the match progresses. 
  • Think before you act! The number of times you can deploy and change Units is limited and can be replenished over the course of the match. 

Defeat Conditions: You will be defeated if enough attackers reach the safe area behind the base, or you fail to defeat all your enemies within the allotted time.

  • Take advantage of a unique effect on your Hero on this map. Exchange for Increased movement speed at the cost of significantly reduced damage and defences.

You can play Deploy & Defend on the Lesser Greenpeak Camp map.

Deploy & Defend employs tower defence-like gameplay, and we’re excited to see what you make of it. We'll keep an eye on your feedback and continue to adjust the Deploy & Defend map to ensure as great an experience as possible.