Experience reworked versions of your favourite maps in Conqueror's Blade: Scorpio. Set your lethal assassins loose in legendary locations throughout the course of the season, on battlefields ravaged by sandstorms.

Kurak Castle Redux

Kurak Castle has been devastated by constant conflict—yet some improvements have been made:

  • The structure of the final base and areas behind it have been adjusted, as well as the position of the flag, which will provide the attacker with more routes
  • Expanded the second-floor structure of the final base to offer more strategic options for defence and attack
  • Point B’s defensive ability has been strengthened with a complex building layout and a roadblock on the path
  • Lighting, terrain and decorations are improved, making for a more engaging and immersive battle experience

Empyrean Sands

This once-thriving Empyrean Town is now under attack from brutal bands of assassins—but these adjustments should help:

  • Point A’s defensive capability is improved as the staircase at Point A is now inaccessible to cavalry
  • Block a road from Point A to the final camp, meaning attackers will take longer to reach the final camp, allowing the defenders more time to set up a defence 

Prepare to strike from the shadows on these reworked maps when Conqueror’s Blade: Scorpio launches as a free update on November 24!

IMPORTANT: This article is accurate as of the time of publication but may be subject to change. Please read the Scorpio patch notes throughout the new Season for the latest information!