Sting like a scorpion with the Chain Dart & Scimitar (arriving December 8); the only weapon of choice for a true assassin. It will be the first addition to the player arsenal since the Pike in Season VIII: Dynasty, and becomes the thirteenth Weapon Class in Conqueror’s Blade.

Wait for the perfect opportunity to use the hook to break into the enemy's formation, and cut down foes with the scimitar.

Preorder the Chain Dart & Scimitar 

When Conqueror’s Blade: Scorpio launches on November 24, you’ll also be able to pre-order the new Weapon Class. From then until December 8 (08:00 Server Time), you can pick up the following bundles at the in-game Store, packed with deadly content:

  • Chain Dart & Scimitar Challenge Bundle: Comes with the Chain Dart & Scimitar unlock, the Trap Prey Ultimate Skill, and 2x Greater Scrolls of Glory.
  • Chain Dart & Scimitar Deluxe Bundle: Everything a would-be assassin could need is inside this bundle, including the Chain Dart & Scimitar unlock, the Trap Prey Ultimate Skill, 4x Greater Scrolls of Glory, an Epic Chain Dart & Scimitar Schematic, Fast Venom Chain Dart & Scimitar, and the Scarlet Nemesis Hero Attire.

Weapon Skills

Stinging Strike

Consume stamina and throw darts to the fan-shaped area in front, causing damage


Leap and Slash (Normal Skill)

Jump up and slash downward with the Scimitar, causing high damage


Scorpion’s Snare (Normal Skill)

Jump forward, grab the first enemy you encounter, turn to the back of the target and attack it, causing damage


Sandstorm (Normal Skill)

Throw a smoke bomb on the spot, causing small damage and a slowing effect to surrounding enemies, and jump back a short distance


Trap Prey (Ultimate Ability)

Throw chains at enemy Units or Heroes and pull yourself to the target after hooking

Controls the target

Can also be used on mounts


Combat Dismount (Dismount Skill)

Leap forward from your mount and slashes downward, dealing damage


After completing the first stage of Weapon Challenges for the Chain Dart & Scimitar, the weapon specialisation will be unlocked and the skills can be improved using Skill Points.

Preview the New Weapon in Action

Tune in to an extra special Preview Event and watch the Chain Dart & Scimitar in action! On December 6 from 17:30 CET / 08:30 PT, tune into the official Conqueror’s Blade Twitch channel for a sneak peek at all the skills you can wield in battle with the brand-new Weapon.

The Chain Dart & Scimitar will be available to unlock on December 8 via new Weapon Challenges!