We want to tell you more about Units and new features that will arrive with Conqueror’s Blade: Scorpio.

We're always aiming at making Conqueror's Blade's combat experience more vibrant and richer. To this end, we've been adding new units with each season to join our ever-growing roster of units. As it stands, our game comprises more than 100 Units spanning multiple eras and civilisations.

Even so, players new to Conqueror's Blade have access to very few of these. This has led to the early-game experience being somewhat rigid. New players don't have the opportunity to try out a large variety of Units to find the path forward that suits them, plus, it makes it difficult for them to properly team up with others. What's more, players returning after a longer break need a bit of time before they can try out the latest season's Units and content.

Having thought about ways to remedy this, we're going to try out a new in-game feature where you can share Units with other members of your House.

Unit Sharing

Houses are the game's most crucial social feature as they connect players together. That's why we're first making Unit Sharing available to Houses, Also, after its inception, the feature will only be available via a limited-time event. Hopefully, this feature will help improve the experience for both new and returning players—and it should make it easier for new and veteran players to team up, too.

Senior members of Houses or veteran Cohort members can share their max-level Units with a shared Unit pool. Once there are enough Units in the pool, other members of your House/Cohort can choose Units from among the pool in matchmaking battles (shared Units will retain their Level, Attribute Points and Doctrines). Players who lend their Units to others will also receive rewards in return.

Each player can borrow a limited number of Units each day. When entering a matchmaking battle, you will get a choice among three random Units from the pool (with priority on high-level ones). There is no limit to the number of times a Unit can be borrowed, but these Units are still affected by leadership caps.

Auxiliary Unit Changes

While this new feature will give everyone a chance to try out new Units, we're not going to abandon Auxiliary Units. While you can still try out new Units via this feature, we do want it to be more versatile. We're planning the following changes:

With the new season, we're changing Auxiliary Points into Auxiliary Orders, and you'll get an initial number of Auxiliary Orders every Monday. You can also complete daily quests for more of these as well. Whether or not you've spent all of your Orders, they reset to their initial value every Monday.

But that's not all: Auxiliary Orders can also be used to refresh your recruitment selection, giving you access to a new batch of Auxiliary Units. This gives you even more chances at trying out the units you've got your eyes on. Auxiliary Units can be recruited for up to three days, and those you've conscripted become unavailable on Mondays with the reset.

Unit Sharing is new ground for us, and you'll soon be able to try it out in an event coming with the new Season. We'll continue to iterate and improve on it based on the results and your feedback, and it's our goal to make it a permanent part of Conqueror's Blade.

Our aim is always to give you the best gaming experience possible, and your feedback is crucial. Try out the new feature and share your thoughts and ideas with us on Discord!