Shop ‘til you drop with incredible discounted Black Friday deals available until December 1! No need to stampede, as all the sales you need are available from the in-game Store and from MY.GAMES Market (via the MGLauncher)! 

MY.GAMES Market will close on December 1. For more details, scroll to the end of this article.

A Dreaded Titan Returns

The Titan Dread Hero Attire is back! Grab it from the in-game Store until December 1, and don it while overpowering your foes in battle.

50% Off Cosmetics & Consumables 

Stock up on essentials this Black Friday with up to50% off selected Cosmetics and Consumables until December 1 from the in-game Store and MY.GAMES Market (via the MGLauncher)! 

Scroll of Renewal

White Hair Dye

Personal Storage Expansion

Purple Hair Dye

Gender & Appearance Reset

Red Hair Dye

Cross-region Migration Token

Blue Hair Dye

Disguise Kit

Pink Hair Dye

New Identity Document

Golden Hair Dye

Horse Trough

Green Hair Dye

Logistics Charter

Cerulean Hair Dye

180-Day Premium Account

Lilac Hair Dye

90-Day Premium Account

Teal Hair Dye

30-Day Premium Account

House Renewal Charter

Jomsdrengr Attire

Eastern Outriders Unit Attire

Winter Knight Attire

Eagle Guard Unit Attire

Cinnabar Dragon Attire

Vadaszok Unit Attire

Blue Swan Attire 

Golden Sun Mercenary Unit Attire

Aswaran Attire 

Fleur-de-Lys Unit Attire

Overlord Attire 

Six Blossoms Unit Attire

Onibi Attire 

Siren's Sons Unit Attire

Runic Knight's Attire 

Sea Devils' Unit Attire

Royal Dragon Attire

Silver Dragon Unit Attire

Varangian Attire 

Twinned Trident Banner

Diadochi Attire 

Great Lion Banner

Horde Fighter's Attire

Winged Hussars' Banner

Solar Order Attire 

Chivalry Undivided Banner

Immortal Attire

Holy Mountain Banner

Empyrean Order Attire

Radiant Sun Banner

Fiery Wrath Dual Blades

Fort Lothar Banner

Amethystine Shortbow 

Windblown Set

Sanguine Scorpion Bow 

Chivalric Set

Brass Dragon Firelock Musket 

Kiralyi Set 

Thousand Souls Nodachi 

Ducal Set

Snow Leopard Spear 

Draconic Set

King's Justice Poleaxe

Order Set

Knight-Banneret's Heraldry Longsword & Shield 

Rubicante Set

Crescent Blood Moon Glaive 


Honour Guard's Ceremonial Shortsword 


Temporary Doctrine Event 

As an extra Black Friday boon, from now until December 4 you can claim Temporary Doctrines from Matchmaking Battles to upgrade the units that you’ve used in battle.

Doctrines can be used to improve a unit’s attributes (including Health), grant them additional benefits and skills, and boost their defence against piercing, slashing, or blunt damage. 

MY.GAMES Market Closure

MY.GAMES Market is closing on December 1 as we endeavour to focus on one storefront: the in-game Store. Items not yet claimed from your inventory on MY.GAMES Market can still be claimed.

The in-game Store will also be undergoing a pricing restructure on December 1 which will change the pricing of the majority of items. Some items will go up in price while others will go down. This is part of an initiative to have more standardised pricing within the game. Black Friday sale items available until December 1 are cheaper than the new prices for those items, so if there’s anything you need, we encourage you to shop before the sale ends.

Additionally, Collector's Packs will be available for 60% off until November 30 (23:00 CET) from the website and Steam. After this date, Collector’s Packs will be retired and will no longer be purchasable.