Territory Wars are one of Conqueror's Blade's core game modes, where players must work together with members of their House and Alliance to conquer cities. We're happy to see how active everyone is and that many players enjoy the experience. However, we've also spotted issues and heard feedback that we simply cannot ignore in its current iteration. While we encourage players to work together, the experience of each individual player is important too.

As it stands, most rewards are tied together with the glory of your House or Alliance and don't grant individual players much growth. The way in which the rewards are currently issued poses an issue with their usage too. Going forward, players will be awarded Triumph, and we're diversifying the types of rewards and reward quantity available in the Imperial Store. This means that we're giving you more agency over what rewards you earn. This will in turn serve to give you the rewards that will best aid you in your future Conqueror's Blade journeys.

But that's not all—until now, most rewards have been granted at the end of a Season, meaning that there was little to be gained from Territory Wars during the early and mid stages. This in turn meant that, during the later stages, the occupation or loss of a single fief could have a massive effect on a player’s final rewards. We'll therefore distribute rewards more evenly across the entire Territory Wars period going forward.

With Triumph being the core reward, we'll make the following changes to Territory War:

Simplifying Rewards

Campaign Quests and Nobility Title rewards will now only award Triumph. Completing all Campaign Quests will net you 140 Triumph, which will get you close to 10 Treatises if you so choose.

Territory War Report Rewards

You'll be awarded Triumph based on your Battle Score.

Imperial Store Changes

  • Added Doctrine reconditioning materials
  • Purchase limit of Treatises raised to 20

We hope that this reward revamp will serve as an encouragement for more players to participate in Territory Wars. We'll continue to adjust Territory War's rules and the baseline experience as we go forward. If possible, we also hope that you'll all give us as much feedback as you can.

The Future

During the past few months, we've increased the rate of Unit balance changes and expanded their scope, attempted to add extra leadership to the Campaign phases, and designed new modes and mechanics for some maps.

We'll be focusing on your feedback as we progress from here and continue to adjust the game where we deem necessary. We're also looking to try out more new things and see how they pan out. What's more, we'd love for the community to give us all the feedback you have, your feelings and thoughts on the game as a whole, and your boldest ideas which you can share directly with us on Discord!

See you on the battlefield!