In this article, we'll be discussing Doctrines and the changes we have in store for them. We hope that the changes will enable Doctrines to provide more varied gameplay and battles. Of course, the most important thing is to make the game fun!

Putting The Fun in Functionality

We've heard plenty of players talk about their issues with Doctrines. Your feedback helped us realise that the power difference between Doctrines is often too large, and they're too difficult to acquire, making the entire system off-putting. Our initial design intention was for everyone to be able to use Doctrines on a level playing field, and for them to create more variety in battle.

Going forward, our core idea is that efforts must be rewarded. We want everyone to have a fun time growing their Units. That's why we're combining the core content of each Season: Battle Pass, Seasonal Units, Territory Wars and Doctrine Acquisition.

A New Way of Getting Doctrines

Starting with the upcoming Season, we'll provide a new way to earn Doctrines. You'll be able to exchange the new season's item, Doctrine Spirit, in the Exchange (‘X’) menu for the Doctrines you want.

You'll be able to exchange one Doctrine Spirit for one Epic Doctrine.

The types available will be based on the Season's phase, and we'll have more to reveal about Doctrines in the next Season closer to launch.

You'll be able to acquire two Doctrine Spirits every Season. The acquisition cap of Doctrine Spirits resets with each Season.

You can get one Doctrine Spirit by reaching Tier 100 in the Season's Battle Pass (available on the Free Pass), and one by completing the fifth stage of the Season's 5-Star Unit challenge. Progress toward this only counts toward the 5-Star Unit of the current Season.

Doctrine Spirits are retained over Seasons, so you can always stock up on some to get a headstart in a new Season.

By combining our seasonal content, you should have clearer goals to work toward for rewards while also giving you the chance to experience more of each new season's content.

New Doctrine Fusion

Have you ever found yourself opening your inventory only to see it full of Doctrines, few of which are usable? Apart from taking up bag space, low-level, duplicate, or old Doctrines don't serve any purpose. The new Doctrine Fusion system should give you a new use for your old Doctrines that are simply gathering dust.

Doctrine Fusion allows you to use your old unwanted Doctrines to create new ones. For example, if you've got a couple of Resource Doctrines in your inventory but you don't really gather them in the Open-World, then you can use these to create a completely new Doctrine. Or, if you've got plenty of rare and uncommon ones just gathering dust, you can use these to create a new one.

IMPORTANT: The Doctrines you create cannot be attained from Treatises.

New Item: Doctrine Components

We know just how difficult it can be to get Doctrines, so we've added a new item type: Doctrine Components. If you've got Doctrines you don't want to part with, you can use Doctrine Components of an equal quality as materials in their place, thereby earning more powerful Doctrines.

There are plenty of ways to acquire Doctrine Components, such as Matchmaking Battles, Territory Wars, Events, raising your Battle Pass level, and through the Fame Store. By not making it available in the Store, we want to encourage you all to earn it during your daily battles and conquests.

We're really excited about this new system, and we'll keep an eye on community feedback and continue to adjust Doctrine Fusion going forward to ensure as great an experience as possible.

Some of you may not have kept either Treatises or Doctrines, meaning you can't try out the new feature when it drops. However, we've prepared a gift awaiting you all in the new season—-simply login every day once the new season hits to earn 50 Ancient Treatises, and join the event that reduces the consumption of Lotus Water. Stay tuned for more detailed information.

IMPORTANT: This article is accurate as of the time of publication but may be subject to change. Please check in-game for correct terminology for in-development features such as the Doctrine Spirit, Doctrine Fusion, and Doctrine Components.