Welcome to another instalment of our Q&A series presented by the Conqueror’s Blade development team! In August, we concentrated on questions and answers regarding Conqueror’s Blade: Helheim, and in this new episode, we are focusing on Quality of Life, Customisation, and Ranked Battles!

We’ve assembled your questions and our devs have answered! We hope you enjoy the new insights from the developers at Booming Tech.

Q: Do you have any plans to bring back the previous Open-World Map UI?

A: We hope that we can eventually bring you a beautiful and concise Open-World Map. Unfortunately, while improving the aesthetics of the map function, we did not take into account its interactive design to achieve ease of use. We know why players are missing the old one, which was more customisable and displayed more information on the map. We want to make it easy to read and use—-that's why we made those changes to the world map. But definitely, we will keep improving the map. At the moment, to be honest, we may not take the Open-World Map UI improvement as a very urgent task to be done. If there are any plans for this in the future, we will let you guys know and run a test before officially adding it to the live server.

Q: Are you considering adjusting the Crowd Points system in the Ranked Battles?

A: The original intention of the Crowd Points system is to give extra rewards to players who have performed bravely in qualifying matches. No matter whether the battle is won or lost, as long as they have a good performance on the battlefield, they will be rewarded. In the Colosseum season, we implemented Star-drop protection to ensure the basic qualifying experience for every player. We hope to encourage more active battlefield behaviours through the Crowd Points system, curb the battlefield behaviours of passive games, and purify the battlefield ecology. We will continue to pay attention to the performance of the Crowd Points system in the Colosseum season and continue to adjust the system.

Q: Do you have any plans to optimise communication on the battlefield?

A: We want to bring players a real battlefield experience, but we also want to bring a team experience of full cooperation. Therefore, we have completed the production of the first version of the battlefield communication system, including a fast-marking system and a stable command system. The system is currently being optimised and adjusted. If it goes well, the system will be available in the next season! 

Q: Are you considering creating a single webpage or a spot in-game to view all of the lore of the game so far? 

We're really looking at better ways to present the story, including more acting and easier reading. At the same time, we have also achieved certain results. Of course, being able to experience the stories of past seasons is part of the plan. We are considering improving the way how people are going to read the story, like adding some visual performance to it and improving its readability—-we've already made some progress. We welcome feedback on how we present the story for the current season and the way it is shown.

Q: Are you considering allowing us to save character customisation to be able to switch in one click between different combinations of Hero Attires? 

We understand the importance of an easy-to-use character customisation system for players. Yet, currently, we consider gameplay-related things as more urgent tasks, like improvements in battle performance and experience, or adding more fun and high-quality events to the game. It's a tough choice for us. We do want to have them both, but we have to make the choice.

Still, a huge thank you to all of the players for those good suggestions on the customisation system!

Q: Are you considering creating a 'Skill Reset Token' or something similar?

Compared to adding one more item to the game, we are likely to reduce the difficulty of earning Skill Points or add more interesting quests to help you earn those points. We consider the process of earning those points as training yourself as well, so if it's free to reset skills and re-allocate points to different weapons, that will be losing the initial goal.

Q: Are there plans to open custom hotkey bindings for acceleration, basic attack, block, etc. in the future?

We fully understand the need for more detailed custom buttons, and freedom of control has always been what we are looking for. Binding keys for these very basic behaviours may not be necessary now, and doing it directly may cause more problems. From another perspective, we will try to do some more convenient operation optimisations (such as the operation methods of rolling and sprinting, etc.), and even do not rule out the possibility of doing some more radical exploration. However, if we don't think twice before taking action, the current ecosystem may not that welcome the new changes. For now, we think it is not a must but it doesn't mean no improvements will come.

Q: Do you have plans to allow us to customise even more parts of the Hero Attire, such as removing or replacing elements like horns, features, and other certain details?

We have always paid attention to the need for personalised expression based on fashion. In the past two seasons, we have added the adjustment option of whether the costume mask/cloak is displayed. Of course, this level of expression is not enough. Therefore, there are related functions currently being processed by our research and development team. We will also continue to deepen the personalised expression so that each player can show their style. 

This will be the final instalment of Ask The Devs in its current form. Though we wanted to experiment with a general approach to questions and answers, we feel a more focused approach to development insights allows for a more interesting and timely read. Look forward to new interviews and development articles in the near future!