Black Sails Friday is all about collecting booty and seeking out treasure, with deals available for brave buccaneers until November 24!

Black Sails Friday: Exclusive Attire

Avast, ye scurvy sea dogs! Get your hands on pirate-themed goodies from the in-game store until November 24:

  • Pirate Captain Hero Attire: Show off your seafaring style and grab the Victory Pass with this ocean-tastic outfit! (Purchase Limit: 1)
  • Sea Horse Mount Set: Ride into battle on the ripples of good fortune with this wavy steed. (Purchase Limit: 10)
  • Buccaneers Unit Attire: Plunder the plains of battle with a fierce and fashionable Unit in your crew.
  • Kraken Unit Banner: Hoist your colours high and scour the seven seas beneath this fearsome banner.

A Booty of Bundles

Gaze upon the treasure available in the in-game store and grab these booty-ful bundles, available with up to 30% off:

  • Seadogs Bundle: Everything a corsair could want is included in this bundle, including the Pirate Captain Hero Attire, Victory Pass, Sea Horse Mount Set, Buccaneers Unit Attire, and Kraken Unit Banner! (Purchase Limit: 1)
  • Purser's Bundle: What’s a pirate without their doubloons? Get your marauding mitts on hoards of Bronze and Silver. (Purchase Limit: 10)
  • Gunner's Mate Bundle: No need to ready the cannons, as this bundle has all the firepower you could need in the form of Random Epic Artillery Chests and Legendary Artillery Selection Boxes. (Purchase Limit: 5)
  • Grog & Hardtack Bundle: Lotus Water, Unit Medals, and Scrolls of Renewal will bless your voyage. (Purchase Limit: 5)
  • Seven Seas Bundle: Pick up General Supplies and Greater Scrolls of Glory every day! (Purchase Limit: 1 per day. Refreshes daily at 00:00 Server Time)

Raid The Victory Pass

A bounty of treasure awaits you with the Victory Pass!

Purchase the Pirate Captain Hero Attire before November 21 in-game to access the Victory Pass, complete daily and repeatable tasks and earn booty like Unit Medals, Treatises, Golden Keys, and more!

IMPORTANT: Rewards from the Victory Pass can be claimed until November 24.

Plunder 20% Off Unit Challenges

Until November 17, lay claim to legendary Units and Weapons from 12 Seasons of Conqueror’s Blade with 20% off Challenges (available from the ‘F5’ menu)!

  • Season II: Wrath of the Nomads Unit Challenges
  • Season III: Soldiers of Fortune Unit Challenges + Maul Challenges
  • Season IV: Blood of the Empire Unit Challenges
  • Season V: Legacy of Fire Unit Challenges
  • Season VI: Scourge of Winter Unit Challenges
  • Season VII: Wolves of Ragnarok Unit Challenges
  • Season VIII: Dynasty Unit Challenges + Pike Challenges
  • Season IX: Tyranny Unit Challenges
  • Season X: Highlanders Unit Challenges
  • Season XI: Paragons Unit Challenges
  • Season XII: Helheim Unit Challenges

Unit Attire Sales

Yo, ho! Outfit budding buccaneers in your Warband with special Unit Attire:

  • Blue Scutarii Unit Attire: Treat the Myrmillones to this gilt and blue attire, and prove their fashion prowess. (Purchase Limit: 1)
  • Long Claws Unit Attire: Let the Sons of Fenrir reveal their wild side in this ostentatious outfit. (Purchase Limit: 1)

Anchors aweigh!