From now until November 17, visit the Smuggler to stock up on Stashes and Treasures! Whether you require more explosive firepower, precious resources, or crafting components, the Smuggler has everything you need in stock.

The most coveted prize is the Blue Scutarii Unit Attire for the Myrmillones (4-Star Unit). This gilt and royal blue shield once defended an empire but is now a common costume fixture for gladiators.

Take a gander at the Smuggler’s wares below:

  • Smuggler’s Stash: For Bronze Coins, you can pick up loot such as the Blue Scutarii Unit Attire, Epic Schematic Selections, Artillery, and much more.
  • Smuggler’s Treasure: Hand over Silver Coins to receive riches fit for a pirate, including everything available in the Smuggler’s Stash, along with Optimal Artillery, Silver Keys, and much more.

Pay your local Smuggler a visit to pick up these limited-time deals before November 17!