Treat yourself to limited-time special offers with terrifying good deals! Don’t forget to participate in eerie events, a petrifying PVE mode, and more this Halloween in Conqueror’s Blade.

Raise the Stakes with Vampire Attire!

When you break down your attires, the Curios and Fragments you’ll get double the usual amount until November 10, so get cracking!

Use your Curios and Fragments to exchange for the following vampiric items in the Attire Chest menu (‘G’):

  • Vampire Knight Hero Attire
  • Vampire Knight Horse Attire
  • Eternal Legion Unit Attire

Dress to Kill in Discounted Halloween Costumes

Are you the ghost with the most? Dress to impress at your Halloween party with ghoulish garb until November 10, with prices slashed by up to 45% on the following frightful items:

  • Gilded Shaman Hero Attire
  • Wandering Spirit Hero Attire
  • Plague Horse Mount Set
  • Revenant Unit Attire
  • Plague Doctor's Hero Attire
  • Banner of the Red Castle

You can also pick up the Riders of the Apocalypse Bundle, which contains the following doom-bringing cosmetics:

  • Plague Doctor's Hero Attire
  • Revenant Unit Attire
  • Plague Horse Mount Set

Spooktacular Savings: Up to 20% off In-Game Bundles!

Upgrade your battle prowess this Halloween with limited-time and discounted in-game bundles until November 17 (08:00 Server Time)!

  • Gloriously Gruesome Bundle: Bronze, 1-Battle Super Unit XP Cards, Unit Medals, and Glory make for a gruesomely good time.
  • Spectral Supplies Bundle: Ghostly goodies in the form of Bronze, General Supplies, Scrolls of Renewal, and Epic Artillery Selection Boxes.
  • Cursed Cannons Bundle: Pick your Epic Artillery with a Selection Box, cleanse your doctrines with Lotus Water, then treat yourself with a bounty of Bronze.
  • Witch's Wealth Bundle: A sorcerer’s stipend of Unit Medals, Glory, Silver, and Bronze.
  • Terrific Treats Bundle: Stock up on Spooky, Scary, Creepy, and Frightful Jack-o-Lanterns, along with plenty of Pumpkin Candy and Spooky Candy as your treat.

Recoloured Regalia

Choose between the darkness and the light. Treat yourself this Halloween with recoloured Hero Attires! Pick up revamp(ir)ed outfits by pressing ‘P’ to open the character menu and selecting the Attire.

  • Vampire Knight Hero Attire: Thrill trick-or-treaters with two newly recoloured hairstyles and a cape!
  • Sun King Hero Attire: Become a fashion ruler in Royal Radiance recolours.

Glorious Sun Attire Chest

May the creatures of the night fear your light… The Glorious Sun Attire Chest is back! Use your Golden Keys to open the Chest and claim dazzling cosmetics until November 24 (08:00 Server Time):

  • Ordre du Ciel Hero Attire
  • Vision Sacrée Hero Attire
  • Ordre du Ciel Mount Set
  • Compagnie du Ciel Unit Attire
  • And more!

IMPORTANT: The Witch's Wealth Bundle and Glorious Sun Attire Chest are unavailable in Belgium.

Check out the rest of the terrifying Halloween events in Conqueror's Blade, and have a happy Halloween!