Be afraid… Be very afraid. Ghosts and ghouls walk the earth Conqueror’s Blade this Halloween, offering up tricks and treats. Sink your teeth into spooktacular sales, a sinister new Colosseum map, and many more spooky activities until November 10!

Delightfully Dreadful Decor

Stalk the capital city of Conqueror’s Blade and feast your eyes on our scary decorations in Conqueror's City.

Limited-Time Event Modes: Spooky Spectacular & Night of the Beast

Take on the pumpkin king of bosses in a new limited-time Colosseum Mode! Drop into Spooky Spectacular to for a spooky showdown between Gourdsmen from now until November 10 (08:00 Server Time). Just like Battle Roulette, random rules are in play, and every respawn will bring with it a new Unit. Reap Spooky Candy rewards to trade for exciting items.

Also, battle hordes of enemies in a frightening fight for the ages in the returning limited-time PvE mode: Night of the Beast! You can also pick up Spooky Candy in this petrifying PvE mode.

Gather Ghoulish Artifacts in the Open-World

Fight against wandering Revenants to obtain Bark Masks, and battle Haunted Rebel Camps to grab Crow Feathers. Exchange these for Candy to use in the Exchange Event!

Note: Bark Masks and Crow Feathers can be collected 5 times each day.

Check in-game to see the times you can attack Haunted Rebel Camps on your server (‘J’). This event is not available during Territory Wars.

Halloween Harvest Exchange

Exchange your Candy for fang-tastic prizes until November 17.

Head to the Exchange Event interface to hand over your Pumpkin and Spooky Candy for rewards such as Lotus Water, Silver Keys, Epic Artillery and an Epic Armour Schematic Crate, and the grand prize of the Witch’s Bat Hat!

Happy Halloween!