As the old Latin adage goes—if you want peace, prepare for war! Participate in the Artisans of War: Para Bellum event until September 22(08:00 server time) to exchange Arms Medals from obtaining Champion Chests for incredible prizes. During the event, you can also pick up discounted Bundles full of useful items to see you through the toughest battles in Conqueror's Blade: Colosseum.

New Event — Artisans of War: Para Bellum

To the victor, go the spoils! Earn or purchase Champion Chests and trade in their dropped Arms Medals for treasures fit for a champ at the Artisan.

  • Champion Chests: Get Bronze and Silver Champion Chests from the Smuggler, and Gold Champion Chests as drops from the Colosseum Mode and Siege, then exchange the Arms Medals inside for Silver Keys, Treatises, Lotus Water, and more!
  • Epic Attire Selection: Make sure you’re dressing for success. Claim the box as a reward, and open it to choose from the Dragon’s Eye, Cinnabar Dragon, Rotmistrz, Minotaur, or Runic Knight's Hero Attire. 
  • Power Boost: Want to strengthen your power in the Colosseum? Pick up Legacy of Fire Challenge Bundles with Arms Medals and get the Challenge Vouchers for either the Zykalian Militia, Symmachean Stalwarts, Symmachean Paladins, or Siphonarioi.

Discounted Battle Supplies 

From now until September 22 (08:00 server time), you can pick up the following discounted Bundles from the in-game store to set you on the path of triumph!

  • Colosseum Cornucopia: Packed full of Unit Medals, Glory, Silver, and Bronze at a 25% discount! (Purchase Limit: 10)
  • Campaigner's Payroll: Use this Bundle of Bronze, Unit Medals, and 1-Battle Super Unit XP Cards to your advantage in the Colosseum; and it’s 33% off! (Purchase Limit: 10)

For those who are about to fight, we salute you!