Conqueror’s Blade: Colosseum is now available alongside the brand-new Colosseum Mode. If you’re getting ready for your first bout, take heed of our strategic tips to help you rise to glory. For those who are about to fight, we salute you!


Not only are there enemy units to contend with in the Colosseum, but neutral units will also spawn and attack anyone who crosses their path. They deal significant damage so you should use them to your advantage by leading them into a rival’s path.


Pay attention to the Gladiators who spawn as NPCs during a match, as defeating them will give you additional units to deploy and a valuable advantage. The Tyrant—a tribute to the big bad of Season IX: Tyranny—is your most dangerous enemy and can rip one of your valuable lives away if approached alone or without proper planning. Try to take down this tough-as-nails Boss as a group. 


Attacking and defending go hand in hand in the Colosseum—-there is only one capture point and one supply point to contend for, both located in the centre of the map. Teams will need to have a strategy if they intend to capture and keep both. Retain control of the capture point at all costs, as remaining on the point will reduce your opponents’ score over time.


Unlike Siege battles, Colosseum battles give you only two respawns to fall back on. When they’re spent, you’re out of the game, leaving your team at a disadvantage. Pick your battles wisely—-know when to pull back and regroup. You can use the respawn limit to your advantage in the arena by targetting and killing isolated players on the enemy team, leaving you with the upper hand in the numbers game.

Once everyone on your team is out of lives, the game is over. Stay alive to stay in the fight!


The capture zone is shielded by low, ruined walls, which can offer some protection while trying to attack or defend. They’re especially handy against artillery, which can be used to pick off players on the point. Keep your head down!


Pulling out the big guns (literally) can be the difference between winning and losing, and the added firepower of artillery can be a game-changer. However, each player can only deploy one piece of artillery, so strategise with your team to deploy yours at the perfect moment and secure victory.

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IMPORTANT: This article is accurate as of the time of publication but may be subject to change.