Conqueror’s Blade: Colosseum launches on September 1 alongside a brand-new game mode: Colosseum! Participate in an Ancient Roman spectacle—the Gladiator Games—and witness battles for the ages in the new Season and beyond.


This PvP mode will be available throughout the Season, pitting 6v6 against each other in fierce gladiatorial battles. Fight other players and deploy Units and artillery to drain enemy teams’ points, capture their flags, and win the fight. Along with an announcer, a cheering crowd cries out for entertainment as the realm’s greatest fighters battle for victory over their competitors.

Here’s the important stuff:

  • Colosseum Mode is available to players Level 30 and higher
  • Groups of up to three players can participate
  • Units brought into battle are not affected by Seasonal Seals
  • Cavalry Units cannot be used
  • Each player may deploy one piece of artillery
  • Each player only has two respawns
  • There is a single neutral Supply Point in the centre of the map


Winning in the Colosseum relies on both points and capturing the flag. Secure victory by reading up on the rules of engagement:

  • Both teams begin with 500 points
  • The team that drops to zero points first loses the match
  • Battles last for ten minutes, at which time the team with the highest point score wins (if neither has dropped to zero points)
  • Capturing the flag will reduce enemy teams’ points, but the capture zone will shrink as time goes on


Defeating Gladiators will grant you extra Units which can be immediately summoned, called at the supply point, or available when you respawn. The extra units available are:

  • Falconetti Gunners
  • Iron Reapers
  • Modao Battalion
  • Pavise Crossbowmen
  • Shieldmaidens

Cut down the Gladiator Champion and the rest of the NPC Gladiators will then join your side. Use them to capture flags and supply points!

As the melee draws on, Infantry and Cavalry Units will enter the Colosseum. Watch out, as they will deal high amounts of damage and replenish their numbers as they defeat enemies. The extra Units granted for dispatching these foes are:

  • Imperial Pike Guards
  • Grayhair Garrison
  • Axe Raiders
  • Claymores
  • Berserkers
  • Liao's Rangers
  • Kheshigs
  • Winged Hussars

Experience the phenomenon of the Colosseum when the new Season launches on September 1. For those who are about to fight, we salute you!

IMPORTANT: This article is accurate as of the time of publication but may be subject to change.