Great fortune awaits in the Three Dynasties Limited-Time Event! From now until September 15 (with maintenance), take part in events and enjoy dynastic sales to claim new cosmetics inspired by China's Three Kingdoms era.

Three Dynasties: Fortune's Bounty

Claim FREE Golden Keys when you spend Sovereigns at the in-game Store before September 1 (08:00 server time), along with bonus items including an Emote and Avatar! If you dared to dive beneath the depths in the Spawn of Loki Fortune’s Bounty, then your good favour carries over. 

Check out the details below:



Bonus Items

40,000 Sovereigns

10x Golden Keys

War Tiger Tattoo

50,000 Sovereigns

10x Golden Keys

Wu Sheng Avatar

60,000 Sovereigns

15x Golden Keys

Wu Sheng Emote

80,000 Sovereigns

15x Golden Keys

Wu Sheng Hat and Beard

IMPORTANT: Sovereigns spent in the Spawn of Loki Fortune’s Bounty retroactively update for this event. For example, if you spent 40,000 Sovereigns in the Spawn of Loki event, you can claim the 40,000 Sovereigns reward instantly while the Three Dynasties Fortune’s Bounty is active. 

Three Dynasties Attire Chest 

Collect Three Kingdoms-inspired cosmetics when you pick up the Three Dynasties Attire Chest before September 15 (with maintenance).

The noblest reward is the Ascended General Hero Attire, named for the legendary hero Wu Sheng who set out from his mountainous village to defend against a rebellion, saved the empire, and became the most honoured soldier in the realm. 

Three Dynasties Attire Chests have a chance of containing:

  • Ascended General Hero Attire
  • Peacemaker Hero Attire
  • Five Passes Mount Set
  • Honour Guard Unit Attire
  • Lots more!

Enjoy the Three Dynasties festivities, including events until September 15!