Gamble on victory in the new Battle Roulette Limited-Time Mode! From August 18 to August 25, fight in 10v10 Field Battles with a twist—every time you die, you’ll respawn with a new Unit.

Units can’t be changed at Supply Points and will instead be randomly assigned from this Unit pool after every respawn:

  • 3-Star Units: Sons of Fenrir, Prefecture Pikemen, Condottieri Guards
  • 4-Star Units: Halberdiers, Imperial Pike Guards, Palace Guards, Imperial Spear Guards, Javelin Sergeants, Imperial Javelineers, Kriegsrat Fusiliers, Imperial Arquebusiers, Yeomen, Dagger-Axe Lancers, Prefecture Heavy Cavalry, Symmachean Stalwarts, Tseregs, Fortebraccio Pikemen, Azaps, Grayhair Garrison, Axe Raiders, Claymores
  • 5-Star Units: Monastic Knights, Rattan Rangers, Shieldmaidens

There will be three flags on the map for both teams to fight for dominance over. Capturing two or more flags and killing Heroes will decrease the points of the enemy team. Winning is simple—-either decrease the point total of your foes to zero or have the most points when time runs out.

You will also have access to limited Rare Artillery, which you should use sparingly at the most opportune moment to break enemy formations or repel foes.

Use the hand you're dealt to achieve victory and receive rewards. May luck be on your side!