The Content Creator Program is an opportunity for video creators, streamers, and social media influencers to gain revenue, rewards, and growth for their channels in partnership with the Conqueror’s Blade team.

If you’re a content creator making amazing Conqueror’s Blade content on any platform, we want to work with you! You can read more about the Content Creator Program, benefits, eligibility, supported games, and more via the newly relaunched Creator portal.

In a nutshell, here are a few of the benefits official Content Creators can enjoy by working closely together with Conqueror’s Blade:

  • Revenue Sharing: Joining the Content Creator Program makes you eligible to earn revenue—check the Creator portal to learn more.
  • Exclusive Events: As a member of the program, you’re eligible to participate in creator-exclusive events such as Q&As, Preview Events, and Twitch Drop campaigns.
  • Giveaways: Creators are provided with codes that can be given away to their audiences to reward them with in-game items and content.
  • Promotions: Your channels, videos, and streams have the chance to be featured on official Conqueror’s Blade social channels and websites.
  • Rewards: Creators may receive in-game items (where applicable) like skins and cosmetics, premium currencies, Battle Passes, early unlocks, and more. This allows you to stay on top of the latest content and showcase the most exciting and up-to-date gameplay to your audiences.
  • Connect with the Team: When you join the Content Creator Program, you gain access to the teams behind our games, who will be available to provide news and information and help organise the promotion of your channels and activities.

Piqued your interest? Apply to become an official Conqueror’s Blade Content Creator today!