A new monster has been unleashed. Go beyond myth with the Spawn of Loki Limited-Time Event between now and September 1! Tackle quests, claim free loot, and acquire mystical items from phenomenal events and sales.

Fortune's Bounty

For a limited time, you can claim FREE Golden Keys when you spend Sovereigns at the in-game Store.

The more Sovereigns you spend before August 18 (08:00 server time), the more Golden Keys you receive - along with bonus items including Lotus Water and the Dragon Garrison Unit Attire!

Check out the details below:



Bonus Items

500 Sovereigns

1x Golden Key

2x Rare Schematics Chests

1,000 Sovereigns

1x Golden Key

3x Chests of Silver (10,000 Silver Each)

2,000 Sovereigns

2x Golden Keys

2x Greater Scrolls of Glory

3,000 Sovereigns

2x Golden Keys

2x Random Epic Artillery Chests

5,000 Sovereigns

3x Golden Keys

10x Lotus Water

10,000 Sovereigns

5x Golden Keys

Dragon Garrison Unit Attire

20,000 Sovereigns

8x Golden Keys

15x Lotus Water

30,000 Sovereigns

10x Golden Keys

‘Loyal & Righteous’ Epic Player Title

Sea Monster Attire Chest

The depths of the ocean are home to many terrifying creatures—-and also to bountiful treasure! Dare to discover what lurks beneath with the Sea Monster Attire Chest, filled with cosmetics to dive for, before September 1 (08:00 server time).

The ultimate prize is the brand-new Midgard Serpent Shortsword & Shield, the first weapon skin to feature unique visual effects. Claim it to unleash its astounding runic power in battle!

Sea Monster Attire Chests have a chance of containing:

  • Midgard Serpent Shortsword & Shield (Weapon Skin with exclusive visual effects)
  • Antique Weapon Skins from Season IV: Blood of the Empire
  • Antique Weapon Skins from Season V: Legacy of Fire
  • Unit Attires
  • Banners
  • Mount Sets
  • And much more!

Snatch up Spawn of Loki Bundles

The riches and skill of Norse legends can be yours to possess with new bundles available from the in-game Store with up to a 12% discount! Each Bundle contains Golden Keys, which can be used to unlock Sea Monster Attire Chests throughout the Spawn of Loki event.

  • Eitri's Trove: Seek the glorious riches of the infamous dwarf Eitri with 3x Golden Keys and 2x Rare Weapon Schematics. (Purchase Limit: 2)
  • Brokkr's Armoury: Honour the work of the great blacksmith Brokkr by crafting your own fantastic weapons with 5x Rare Weapon Schematics, along with 5x Golden Keys. (Purchase Limit: 5)
  • Wayland's Wealth: Restore the legend of the skilled smith Wayland and stock your coffers with 10x Golden Keys, 5x Huge Chests of Resources, and 5x Large Chests of Bronze (50,000 Bronze total). (Purchase Limit: 5)