Discover a monstrous legend in the Spawn of Loki Limited-Time Event, active now until August 25! Complete mythical quests, claim free rewards, and obtain items from extraordinary events and sales.

Spawn of Loki Events

Play Conqueror’s Blade between now and August 25 to enjoy these mythical events:

  • Sign-in Event: Log in daily until August 18 (08:00 server time) to earn Lesser Scrolls of Glory and Astronomer's Almanacs (which can be traded for rewards).
  • Warden Quests: Complete legendary Daily and Weekly quests from the Warden before August 18 to receive Bronze, Honour, and tradeable Flasks of Wisdom.

Divine Exchange

Log in daily to pick up Astronomer’s Almanacs and complete quests from the Warden for Flasks of Wisdom.

Head to the Event Exchange to exchange these items for rewards such as Treatises and Assault, Guardian, and Rangers' Mobility Doctrines! Reward exchanges are available until August 25 (08:00 server time).

IMPORTANT: Any unspent Astronomer’s Almanacs and Flasks of Wisdom will not expire and should be kept safe for future events.

Check out the supernatural Spawn of Loki sales taking place during this event, and don’t miss out on picking up Sea Monster Attire Chests and Golden Keys for your chance of claiming the Midgard Serpent Shortsword & Shield!