The summer sun has arrived with discounted Consumable Bundles, Shieldmaiden Attire, and brand-new Hair Dyes!

Heat up with Hair Dyes

Need a new ‘do for the summer? Welcome to the Conqueror’s Blade hair salon! With three new pastel colours to choose from, you’re sure to find the right look that says ‘fearsome yet fashionable’. These hair dyes are now permanent, so you can buy them whenever you fancy a change of style either from the in-game Store or MY.GAMES Market.

Teal Hair Dye

Lilac Hair Dye

Cerulean Hair Dye

Scorching Shieldmaiden Attire

There’s no reason your units can’t join in on the summer fun, which is why the Shieldmaiden-exclusive Cult of the Four Stags Unit Attire is available from the in-game Store until August 18 (07:00 server time)!

According to Northlander mythology, Dáinn, Dvalinn, Duneyrr, and Duraþrór are the four stags that eat among the branches of Yggdrasil the World Tree. The devotees that revere them are likely a splinter group from the Cult of Freyja that most Shieldmaidens belong to.

Cool off with Consumable Bundles

If you plan to while away the summer holidays with searing siege battles and tropical training, grab these bundles from the in-game Store with an extra hot 30% discount!

  • Fortune & Glory Bundle: Seek out glorious riches with 5 Large Chests of Bronze (50,000 Bronze Total), 5 1-Battle Super Unit XP Cards, 30 Unit Medals, and 10 Greater Scrolls of Glory (Purchase Limit: 5)
  • Training Supply Bundle: Make the most of the sun and train up with 10 1-Battle Super Unit XP Cards, 100 Unit Medals, and 5 Great Chests of Bronze (50,000 Bronze each) (Purchase Limit: 10)
  • Unit Medal Bundle: Stock up on Unit Medals, Marshal’s Handbooks, and 1-Battle Super Unit XP Cards (Purchase Limit: 2)
  • Greater Glory Bundle: Don’t just give glory to the sun this summer, give it to yourself too with a bunch of Greater Scrolls of Glory (Purchase Limit: 5)
  • Heavy Weapons Bundle: Have an explosively good time with this bundle containing 30 Powdered Silver, 5 Rare Weapon Schematics Selections, 5 Random Rare Artillery Chests, and 5 Random Epic Artillery Chests (Purchase Limit: 5)

Pick up these sizzling deals from the in-game Store until August 18 (07:00 server time)!