A warrior is only as good as their weapon, and in Conqueror’s Blade: Helheim, those weapons are as beautiful as they are deadly. Inspired by Viking weaponry of the legendary era of epic raids and battles, we hope the weapon skins of this season bring you back to this time with their textures, designs, and craftsmanship.

We spoke with Anton Mamhionov, Creative Director at Booming Tech, about the inspiration and design behind the weapon skins of Helheim.

How did you begin to design the weapon skins in Helheim? Were there any particular references used?

We began with general brainstorming on what the players would prefer those attires to look like, what the expectations are, and whether it fits our current visual direction in the game and how we can adapt to it.

The seasonal key points were much related to raiding, thunder, heavy rain, Varangian and Byzantine characters and units, and a character inspired by both Thor and Harald Hardrada.

We decided to create some new styles for weapons by mixing the luxurious elements and materials of Byzantine weaponry used by nobles, and we added a fair touch of mythological symbols from Scandinavia and the shapes of some traditional Norse weapons.

How much inspiration did you take from real Viking weapons?

Quite a fair amount, but to be absolutely honest, we were not aiming to make identical copies of real weapons—-we usually prefer Units to carry those, and let the cosmetic items for Heroes to have slightly (and sometimes, much) more eye-catching shapes and visuals.

How did you decide which Norse symbols and designs to use?

While the process of making those choices is quite immersive and demands some research and creative thinking from the artists, our team went through hundreds of references of weapons in history and the details used and carved on those.

Some, like knots, are very widespread, but others, such as Mjölnir or different kinds of serpent symbols, are more specific and related to various mythological characters and are less commonly used. Luckily for us, we aimed to bring a touch of mythology to those attires and created symbols and the background description for each weapon to represent a famous character or a legend from Scandinavia.

Which weapon, in particular, do you think the Vikings would have loved to wield as they charged into battle, and which is your personal favourite?

I think it’s the Shortsword’s Shield and the Poleaxe in the shape of the Dane Axe. I personally unlocked those first. I hope our Viking fans will enjoy those and many others skins we released and will release in the future. Enjoy Helheim!

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