There’s nothing like a vintage! For a limited time only, you can pick up Antique versions of the weapon skins featured in Season III: Soldiers of Fortune from the in-game Store.

Flaunt your classic fashion sensibilities with weapon skins and exclusive bundles straight from Sicania, available until July 21 (10:00 server time).

Antique Waning Eclipse Shortsword & Shield

Antique Summer's Reckoning Glaive

Antique Vespa’s Longsword & Shield

Antique Daybreak Brilliance Poleaxe

Antique Sanguine Sunrise Spear

Antique Luminous Dawn Nodachi

Antique Gunsmith's Dream Musket

Antique Diana's Sanctuary Bow

Antique Janus’ Judgement Shortbow

Antique Blood and Sky Daggers

Antique Vulcan’s Forge Maul

Brand-New Antique Weapon Bundles

For the mercenary with a mixed militia, bundles of Antique weapon skins are available at a 10% discount:

  • Soldiers of Fortune Sword Bundle: Seal your foes’ fate with forged fury with this Bundle containing the Antique Waning Eclipse Shortsword & Shield and the Antique Vespa’s Longsword & Shield.
  • Soldiers of Fortune Polearm Bundle: Keep your enemies at arm's length with the Antique Summer's Reckoning Glaive, Antique Daybreak Brilliance Poleaxe, and Antique Sanguine Sunrise Spear.
  • Soldiers of Fortune Bow Bundle: Sniper fans rejoice by requisitioning the Antique Diana's Sanctuary Bow and Antique Janus’ Judgement Shortbow.
  • Soldiers of Fortune Specialist Bundle: Grip, grab, grasp, gouge, and gash with the Specialist Bundle, containing the Antique Luminous Dawn Nodachi, Antique Gunsmith's Dream Musket, Antique Blood and Sky Daggers, and Antique Vulcan’s Forge Maul.

IMPORTANT: Each Bundle is subject to a purchase limit of 1. There is no Pike weapon skin featured in this set.

Bag a bargain with these limited-time sales until July 21 (10:00 server time)!