Everything comes back into fashion! From now until July 7 (10:00 server time) you can arm yourself with antique weapon skins from Season I: Seize the Crown from the in-game Store.

Exhibit your vintage style with weapon skins and exclusive bundles from seasons past, available for a limited time only!

Antique Ancestral Shortsword & Shield

Antique Blue Dragon Glaive

Antique Grandmaster's Longsword & Shield

Antique Warchief Poleaxe

Antique Sunburst Spear

Antique Noble Samurai Nodachi

Antique Gilded Musket

Antique Myrmidon Bow

Antique Grasshopper Short Bow

Antique Serpentine Dual Blades

Brandish Brand-New Bundles

For the Warlord who keeps a varied armoury, bundles of Antique Weapons are also on offer at a 10% discount:

  • Seize the Crown Sword Bundle: Seize the power of the steel swing with the Antique Ancestral Shortsword & Shield and the Antique Grandmaster's Longsword & Shield.
  • Seize the Crown Polearm Bundle: For those warriors who prefer to keep their foes at arm's length, grab yourself the Antique Blue Dragon Glaive, Antique Warchief Poleaxe, and Antique Sunburst Spear.
  • Seize the Crown Bow Bundle: If arrows are your bag (or quiver), this Bundle containing the Antique Myrmidon Bow and Antique Grasshopper Short Bow is for you.
  • Seize the Crown Specialist Bundle: Spike, shoot, and slash with this Specialist Bundle, containing the Antique Noble Samurai Nodachi, Antique Gilded Musket, and Antique Serpentine Dual Blades.

IMPORTANT: All Bundles are subject to a purchase limit of 1. There are no Maul or Pike weapons for this set.

Stay cool over the summer with Conqueror's Blade, and take part in Plunder the Hoards events and sales until August 4, and don’t forget to tune into Helheim Twitch Drops to earn rewards including the exclusive ‘Rage’ Emote until July 11.