Prepare for sun, swag, and sales with a new limited-time event: Plunder the Hoards! Enjoy special activities, exclusive offers, and lots more in Conqueror’s Blade until August 8.

Exchange Treasure for Exclusive Rewards!

The legend of the North Star is rooted deep in the hearts of the Northman raiders in Conqueror’s Blade: Helheim. Its bright guiding light steers their longships to new pillaging opportunities, and you can use this celestial navigator to your advantage for rewards, too! Like any treasure hunt worth its weight in gold, there are a few steps to follow:

  • Participate in Matchmaking Battles to earn Raiders’ Hoards.
  • Earn Star Compasses through the Login Event, or purchase them via the in-game Store.
  • Use your Star Compasses to crack open Raiders’ Hoards, and claim a random amount of Northland Treasure (and a chance to pick up the Fury of the North Attire directly!)
  • Head to the Treasure Exchange to exchange Northland Treasure for exclusive and exciting rewards such as the Fury of the North Unit Attire, Musical Medusa Avatar, Wolves of Ragnarok Challenge Chest, and much more.

Matchmaking Drops (for Raiders’ Hoards) end July 14, and the exchange ends July 21.

IMPORTANT: Fury of the North Unit Attire can only be used by Berserkers. Wolves of Ragnarok Challenge Chest allows players to select one of the following items:

  • x1 Sons of Fenrir Challenge Token
  • x1 Berserker Challenge Token
  • x1 Shieldmaiden Challenge Token

Plunder the Hoards Events

Ready the longboats to raid epic rewards! Take part in the following activities until August 8:

  • Smuggler Steals: Don’t miss out on a chance to stock up on supplies, as the Smuggler is selling Steel Ingots and Rolls of Leather for only 500 Bronze each during Plunder the Hoards! You can purchase up to 100 per week, but be fast, as his supply is limited and he’ll run out of stock when the event ends on July 14.
  • 14-day Login Event: Sign in to Conqueror’s Blade daily until July 21 to collect rewards that include Star Compasses, Silver Keys, Artillery Selection Boxes, and many more useful items!
  • Zero to Hero: Grow your Hero level until August 8 and be rewarded with loot such as Silver Keys, an Epic Mount Schematic, and Long Claws Unit Attire (exclusive to Sons of Fenrir)!

Bundles of Booty

Ransack the in-game Store until July 21 to secure 40% off the following bundles!

  • Northlands Navigator Bundle: Follow your North Star to this sparkling bundle, containing 10 Star Compasses, 50 Unit Medals, 3 Greater Scrolls of Glory, and a coffer-bursting 3 Large Chests of both Bronze and Silver!
  • Seafarer's Bundle: Prep your Northmen for the battles ahead! Includes 100 Unit Medals, 10 1-Battle Super Unit XP Cards, and 5 Large Chests of Bronze (10,000 Bronze each). (Purchase limit of 10)
  • Captain's Bundle: Load your longship up with these treasures, containing 5 Large Chest of Bronzes (10,000 Bronze each), 5 Magistrate’s Memoirs, and 5 Rare Weapon Schematics Selection. (Purchase limit of 5)
  • Silver Key Bundle: Stock up with 10 Silver Keys, and receive another Silver Key every day for a week! (Purchase limit of 1)
  • Golden Key Bundle: Hoard your loot with 10 Golden Keys, and pick up another Golden Key every day for seven days! (Purchase limit of 1)

Make sure you’re making the most of your summer with Conqueror's Blade and tune into Helheim Twitch Drops, where you can earn rewards like the exclusive ‘Rage’ Emote, Silver Keys, Gold Dust, and more, just for watching our content creators until July 11.