From now until July 7 (until maintenance), you can recover treasures from the deep from the new Seafarer’s Guild Chest (available in-game only)! 

You can check out the drop rates for the Seafarer’s Guild Chest in-game via the ‘G’ menu.

Alongside the release of this new chest, there are also changes to the Attire Chest Shop (‘G’). The following items have been added for Conqueror’s Blade: Helheim, replacing previous items:

  • Antique Errantry Hero Attire
  • Antique Shaman Hero Attire
  • Antique Falcon Order Unit Attire
  • Antique Khanate Guard Unit Attire
  • Antique Stygain Order Hero Attire
  • Antique Ortoq Hero Attire
  • Antique Snow Tiger Unit Attire

The Seafarer’s Guild Chest is available in-game until July 7.