Conqueror’s Blade: Helheim brings two new Viking-inspired Units into the fray, and now word of their exploits has reached their distant kin... Bolster your forces by recruiting powerful Units from Season VII: Wolves of Ragnarok, including the returning Shieldmaidens, Berserkers, and Sons of Fenrir.

Until June 30 (10:00 server time) you can enjoy 50% off Wolves of Ragnarok Bundles and Unit Challenges in-game! Challenge Tokens allow you to complete one stage of Challenges.

  • Wolf & Axe Bundle: Let the spirit of the wolf imbue you with fighting spirit with 2x Sons of Fenrir Challenge Tokens, 3x Berserkers Challenge Tokens, 50x Unit Medals, and 2x Marshal’s Handbooks.
  • Aesir, Vanir, Fenrir Bundle: Take on the power of the Norse gods with 4x Sons of Fenrir Challenge Tokens, 5x Berserkers Challenge Tokens, 7x Shieldmaidens Challenge Tokens, and 50x Unit Medals.
  • Wolves of Ragnarok Unit Challenges: Save 50% when you activate the Season VII: Wolves of Ragnarok Unit Challenges in the F5 menu.

IMPORTANT: You can only purchase EITHER the Wolf & Axe Bundle OR the Aesir, Vanir, Fenrir Bundle. By purchasing one, you will be unable to purchase the other.

The brutal Northmen are returning to pillage and raid the land once again, and here’s how each set of Viking-inspired fighters can help you to master your fate in Conqueror’s Blade: Helheim.

  • Sons of Fenrir (3-Star): These forest-dwelling fighters offered their souls to Fenrir in exchange for animalistic powers and speed, moving in packs and leaping into combat with the agility of their wolf-god. While their defence and damage-dealing are low, their special ability to leap over the frontline and then savagely attack unwitting enemies behind is as surprising as it is brutal.
  • Berserkers (4-Star): Berserkers carry two axes, happy to give up a defensive shield for an honourable trip to Valhalla. Berserkers are almost foolishly brave, unleashing frenzied and rage-fuelled assaults on the enemy. However, their small numbers can be easily eclipsed by enemy forces.
  • Shieldmaidens (5-Star): The women of the cult of Freyja are like valkyries on the battlefield, fighting by the side of their leader with spears and swords. Able to fortify their defences by raising their spears and then switching to swords to unleash the devastating Freyja’s Charge, this unit is as formidable as they are faithful.

Grab these bundles before June 30, and bring some extra Norse ferocity to the battlefield!