Your conquests help to shape this world, and as a result, Conqueror’s Blade has evolved once again. The Pre-Season Update is now live! This new update lays the groundwork for Season I: Seize the Crown, with a host of new features, improvements, and fixes. Let’s take a look at all the latest awesome content that’s waiting for you. 

All Weapon Options Unlocked
No more restrictions, no more limits. You can now enjoy the full range of 20 different weapon options for both your male and female warlord characters! Female warlords can now wield the Poleaxe, Bow, and Spear weapons, and male warlords can wield the Shortbow and Dual Blades.

Revamped User Interface and Graphical Enhancements
Menus and gameplay interfaces have been completely revamped, and are now sleeker, and more accessible and intuitive with the latest update! The world of Conqueror’s Blade also looks even better than before thanks to some extra shine and polish. 

War Scholar System
This feature allows you to use a special resource for a chance to earn items like Doctrines and Signaculum (more on those further down this article)! This resource can be earned through gameplay, and certain special events and promotions.

Doctrine System
Doctrines are items that can be applied to your units to give them stat boosts, and additional effects to improve their battle potential. Martial Souls cannot be reused once equipped, but they can be replaced. 

Signaculum System
This intriguing new system allows you to gather Signacula, mysterious fragments which can be assembled to craft a new unit, or give additional XP to existing units. Different units require different amounts of Signacula – which units will you make to reinforce your armies?

Updated Ranking System
Looking for more ways to prove your mettle on the battlefield? We’ve streamlined the ranking system so you can better show off your military prowess, and see tangible results and rewards based on your contributions to battles, wins and losses, and other criteria.

Reworked Onboarding and Training for New Players
Make sure your blade is sharp, your skills honed, and your senses keen before jumping into battle with smoother, improved training that fully explores all aspects of the game.

New World Map Features
You can now see at-a-glance which nation holds the most power, which should give you some additional incentive to put them in their place…

Matchmaking Improvements
We’ve reworked matchmaking, which should provide a significant improvement for players partaking in Field Battles!

Season I: Seize the Crown coming soon
In this land, war is an endless cycle. This update helps to lay the groundwork for Seasons, massive new in-game events where you can fight for the glory of your name and your House, and also earn exclusive cosmetics and items. Muster your armies, and prepare to Seize the Crown when Season I kicks off!

Check out the Pre-Season Update patch notes for an extensive breakdown of all the latest features, fixes, and improvements! The Pre-Season Update is now live and available to download for free.