The Helheim Battle Pass is now available to purchase from MY.GAMES Market, Steam, and in-game!

The Battle Pass opens up even more rewards to earn on top of the Free Pass. Complete Seasonal Challenges and amass Glory to unlock exclusive Thor and Loki-inspired cosmetics, new Emotes, and many more valuable items to collect.


Conqueror’s Blade is free to play, so you can earn epic rewards without emptying out your coin purse. Highlights include:

  • Pour One Out Emote: Whether it's to celebrate a victory or commiserate after a defeat, you can pour one out on the streets!
  • Helheim Weapon Chest: Unlock a new themed weapon skin of your choice to show off on the battlefield.
  • Legendary Artillery Selection Box: Add explosive mayhem to proceedings with Legendary Artillery!

There are also plenty of Blades, Silver Keys, Chests of Bronze, Treatises, and many more items to be collected as you make your way through the Free Pass.



The Helheim Battle Pass includes all Free Pass rewards, along with exclusive items to make Freyja herself green with envy. Here are a few highlights waiting for you in the premium track of the Helheim Battle Pass:

  • Loptr's Hide Hero Attire (Tier 1 - INSTANT UNLOCK): Channel the god of mischief with this Loki-inspired attire, complete with green hues, fur-lined drapery, and an ornate horned helmet.
  • Einherjar Unit Attire: Raiders and pillagers needn’t sacrifice looking regal, and the proof is in the blue and gold pudding with this unit attire, inspired by the warriors guided by a Valkyrie host to feast in Odin’s halls.
  • Horned Gulltoppr Mount Set: Who said only unicorns could have horns? Your noble steed deserves the best, and that’s exactly what they’ll get with this decadent yet dominating gold and silver ensemble, inspired by the steed of Heimdallr, sentinel of the Æsir.
  • Kneel and Flex Emote: Flaunt your newly burgeoning Viking muscles in the tavern with this Emote.
  • Bringer of Thunder Hero Attire (Tier 100): Become the god of thunder you were always meant to be (or at least dress like him) in this Thor-inspired getup, fit only for those who have demonstrated true ferocity in battle (and who aren’t afraid of thunderstorms).



Unlock Blades from the Battle Pass to exchange in the Seasonal Store for brand-new and Viking-inspired weapon skins and revel in the rustic magnificence of Northlander design. You can also exchange Blades for Antique variants of attires and weapon skins from Season VII: Wolves of Ragnarok.

  • Helheim Weapon Skins: Charge into battle brandishing Viking-inspired weapons such as the Freya's Resolve Spear, the Norns' Fate Musket, and Thor's Wrath Maul.
  • Antique Weapon Skins: Equip the hardy weapons of the Northmen with these weapon skins from Season VII: Wolves of Ragnarok, including the Jormungandr Longbow and Fenrir's Fang Longsword & Shield.
  • Antique Attires: Embrace the legendary culture of the Northlands with the noble Thegn's Hero Attire and the mighty Odin's Hero Attire.

Get the Helheim Battle Pass now from MY.GAMES Market, Steam, or in-game to start plundering precious loot!