To mark our Year Three Anniversary, we’re offering a new set of celebratory in-game rewards through Twitch Drops!

Simply watch supported Twitch streams hosted by Conqueror’s Blade content creators between June 3 (12:00 UTC) and June 7 (12:00 UTC), rack up a certain amount of viewing time, and then claim your treasures.

You can earn Sparkly Rockets, Thunderstars, the ‘Birthday Bash’ Rare Title, and lots more to help you get the party started. You even have a chance to grab a Party Bombard from the Special Occasions Random Artillery box!

You can also claim one additional instant daily reward (up to a total of five) by watching for one hour and thirty minutes per day: a Concertina, which you can exchange for rewards in the Sea Monster Beach Party Event!

Your rewards will appear in your Drops Inventory when you’ve watched participating streams for long enough. Don’t forget to claim them as soon as possible so you can work towards the next reward. Check out the Anniversary Twitch Drops rewards below:

June 3 (12:00 UTC) - June 7 (12:00 UTC)

Watch for:

Twitch Drop:

30 minutes

3x Sparkly Rockets

+1 hour

2x Lotus Water

+1 hour

2x Well-made Thunderstars

+1 hour

1x Exclusive ‘Birthday Bash’ Rare Title

+1 hour

1x Silver Key

+1.5 hours

1x Special Occasions Random Artillery Box

+2 hours

1x Wolf Hunter Wolf Attire

How to link your account and claim Twitch Drops

To claim your items, make sure you link your Conqueror’s Blade account with your Twitch account:

  • Log in here (use your Steam account if that’s how you play the game).
  • Make sure to log in with your correct established account. If you register a new account, rewards will automatically be assigned to that account.
  • Select ‘Link with Twitch’, and make sure you confirm the connection.

If you’re having trouble, our handy video contains some tips and tricks to help you get started with Twitch Drops:

Where to watch Conqueror’s Blade on Twitch

If you’re new to Conqueror’s Blade on Twitch, the participants in the Content Creator Program and will be streaming Conqueror’s Blade throughout this event as their schedules allow. Watch your favourite creator on Twitch to earn these rewards, and remember to follow or subscribe to those you enjoy!