When the Sons of Fenrir, led by Guthrom Red-Eye, landed on the shores of Ungverija from the Northlands so many years ago, chaos reigned in their wake. As flames engulfed the territories surrounding Vajk's Lake, Guthrom and his Northmen had no qualms when it came to raiding homes and murdering the local populace. Only another Northlander could put an end to this mayhem—the Shieldmaiden Hjordis Ulvarsdottir.

United with the suffering people of Ungverija, the heroine Hjordis repelled the Sons of Fenrir and the Northlanders boarded their longships to head back to their homeland, with a simple warning—if their ships came ashore of the South again, there would be no alliance.

As a new saga begins, so too does a new leader emerge from the shadows. Harald the Slaughterer, a former Varangian bodyguard for the royal family in Reginopolis, returned home to the Northlands to fulfil his destiny and make himself king.

As Harald and his Northmen raid and pillage the Northern and Western coasts from Loegria, and Aelba, trying to re-establish the old Northlands Empire, only time will tell if destiny will overcome.

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