Grab your party hat and a slice of cake, as we celebrate Conqueror's Blade's three-year anniversary with sales and events until June 16!

Year Three: Anniversary Fortune’s Bounty

The Fortune’s Bounty event is back and better than ever! Spend Sovereigns at the in-game store before June 16 (10:00 server time) to earn Golden Keys to open Ten SunsChests, earn a ‘Land Ahoy’ Emote, an Epic Title and more.



Bonus Items

500 Sovereigns

1x Golden Key

2x Rare Schematic Chests

1,000 Sovereigns

1x Golden Key

3x Large Chests of Silver (30,000 Silver Coins total)

2,000 Sovereigns

2x Golden Keys

2x Greater Scrolls of Glory (5,000 Glory each)

3,000 Sovereigns

2x Golden Keys

5x Large Chests of Silver (50,000 Silver Coins total)

5,000 Sovereigns

3x Golden Keys

10x Lotus Water

10,000 Sovereigns

3x Golden Keys

1x Random Epic Artillery Chest

20,000 Sovereigns

5x Golden Keys

‘Land Ahoy’ Emote

30,000 Sovereigns

1x Gorgon’s Guardian Mount Set

'Bounty of the Deeps' Epic Title

You can earn Golden Keys and Lotus Water up to 100,000 Sovereigns, so don’t miss out!

Use your Golden Keys to open Ten Suns Chests and claim cosmetics, including the illustrious Protectorate General Attire, and even more Hero, Unit, and Mount Attire. Check out the drop rates right here.

To claim Fortune’s Bounty rewards, open the Activities Panel (press ‘O’) and select Activities from the top tab. Then, select Fortune’s Bounty to see which rewards you can collect and click ‘Get Reward’ to have them sent to your inventory.

IMPORTANT: Fortune’s Bounty rewards can only be earned via in-game Store Purchases and must be claimed before June 16.

Year Three: Anniversary Bundles

Bag a bargain to honour three years of Conqueror’s Blade with Anniversary Bundles available from the in-game store until June 16 (10:00 server time).

  • Gorgon's Guardian Hero Attire: Worship the Cult of Gorgon with the mythical Gorgon's Guardian Hero Attire and get your scales on the new and improved Victory Pass!
  • Gorgon's Victory Bundle (10% off): Slither into success with the Gorgon's Guardian Hero Attire, Victory Pass and the dutiful guard uniforms of the Ophiuchean Unit Attire, named after an Empyrean term meaning "snake-handler".
  • Ophiuchean Unit Attire: Sworn to protect the sacred spaces of the Cult of Gorgon, you can dress your infantry up to the nines with this scaly ensemble.

IMPORTANT: If you purchase the Gorgon’s Victory Bundle you will be unable to purchase the Gorgon's Guardian Hero Attire and vice versa.

Year Three: Anniversary Discounts

Celebrate in style with discounts from the in-game store and MY.GAMES Market until June 16 (10:00 server time/10:00 CEST)!

As a special treat in honour of three years of Conqueror’s Blade, charge headfirst into battle just as the legendary Asterion the Bull-Headed did with 20% off the Minotaur Hero Attire!

20% off Consumables

Scroll of Renewal

Personal Storage Expansion

Honour Reset Token

Gender & Appearance Reset

Cross-region Migration Token

Disguise Kit

New Identity Document

Scribal Service

Horse Trough

Logistics Charter

House Renewal Charter

Expansion Permit


Vault Key

10-Battle Unit XP Card

10-Battle Hero XP Card

180-Day Premium Account

90-Day Premium Account

30-Day Premium Account

7-Day Premium Account


15% off Attire


Jomsdrengr Attire

Eastern Outriders Unit Attire

Winter Knight Attire

Eagle Guard Unit Attire

Cinnabar Dragon Attire

Vadaszok Unit Attire

Blue Swan Attire

Golden Sun Mercenary Unit Attire

Aswaran Attire

Fleur-de-Lys Unit Attire

Overlord Attire

Six Blossoms Unit Attire

Onibi Attire

Siren's Sons Unit Attire

Runic Knight's Attire

Sea Devils' Unit Attire

Royal Dragon Attire

Silver Dragon Unit Attire

Varangian Attire

Twinned Trident Banner

Diadochi Attire

Great Lion Banner

Horde Fighter's Attire

Winged Hussars' Banner

Solar Order Attire

Chivalry Undivided Banner

Immortal Attire

Holy Mountain Banner

Empyrean Order Attire

Radiant Sun Banner

Fiery Wrath Dual Blades

Fort Lothar Banner

Amethystine Shortbow

Windblown Set

Sanguine Scorpion Bow

Chivalric Set

Brass Dragon Firelock Musket

Kiralyi Set

Thousand Souls Nodachi

Ducal Set

Snow Leopard Spear

Draconic Set

King's Justice Poleaxe

Order Set

Knight-Banneret's Heraldry Longsword & Shield

Rubicante Set

Crescent Blood Moon Glaive

Honour Guard's Ceremonial Shortsword

Stay tuned for more information on all the celebrations of the Year Three Anniversary!