The final week of the Glorious Sun Festival is upon us, and we’ve saved the best discounts for last. From now until May 26 (10:30 server time/10:30 CEST), you can enjoy a 40% discount on all things Paragons Battle Pass!

Pick up the Paragons Battle Pass or Paragons Battle Pass Bundle for 40% off via the ‘F5’ menu or MY.GAMES Market (Paragons Battle Pass only), or bump up your existing tiers with discounted Paragons Battle Pass Progress.

The Battle Pass allows you to earn extra rewards by completing Seasonal Challenges and amassing Glory, with exclusive French-inspired cosmetics, new Emotes, and many more useful items available on it. You can also draw more Blades to exchange in the Seasonal Store for other rare rewards, including exquisite weapon skins...

Don’t miss out on the final week of Glorious Sun Festival celebrations! Fortune’s Bounty, discounted Blood of the Empire Bundles, and even more special events are running until May 26.