Soak up the rays with the Glorious Sun Festival! Celebrate between now and May 26with sunlit celebrations, events, and sales.

Glorious Sun Festival: Fortune’s Bounty

The Fortune’s Bounty event is back for the Glorious Sun Festival! Spend your sunny Sovereigns at the in-game store before May 26 (23:59 server time) to earn Golden Keys to open the new Glorious Sun Attire Chest, a ‘Breathe Fire’ Emote, and other treasures.



Bonus Items

500 Sovereigns

1x Golden Key

2x Rare Schematic Chests

1,000 Sovereigns

1x Golden Key

3x Large Chests of Silver (30,000 Silver Coins total)

2,000 Sovereigns

2x Golden Keys

2x Greater Scrolls of Glory (5,000 Glory each)

3,000 Sovereigns

2x Golden Keys

2x Random Epic Artillery Chests

5,000 Sovereigns

3x Golden Keys

10x Lotus Water

10,000 Sovereigns

5x Golden Keys

'Glorious Sun' Title

20,000 Sovereigns

8x Golden Keys

15x Lotus Water

30,000 Sovereigns

10x Golden Keys

‘Breathe Fire’ Emote

To claim Fortune’s Bounty rewards, open the Activities Panel (press ‘O’) and select Activities from the top tab. Then, select Fortune’s Bounty to see which rewards you can collect and click ‘Get Reward’ to have them sent to your inventory.

IMPORTANT: Fortune’s Bounty rewards can only be earned via in-game Store Purchases and must be claimed before May 26.

Glorious Sun Attire Chest

Use your Golden Keys to open a brand-new Attire Chest and claim the following cosmetics, including new Hero, Unit, and Mount Attire:

  • Ordre du Ciel Hero Attire
  • Vision Sacrée Hero Attire
  • Ordre du Ciel Mount Set
  • Compagnie du Ciel Unit Attire
  • Ordre du Ciel Banner
  • And more!

Blood of the Empire Bundles 

Revisit the battles of a bygone era and recruit its most decorated warriors. Unlock powerful and elite discounted Units until May 26 (23:59 server time) with 50% off Blood of the Empire Bundles!

  • Anadolou Unit Challenge Bundle: Seek glory in battle with 2x Janissaries Challenge Tokens, 3x Azaps & Sipahi Challenge Chests, 50x Unit Medals, and 2x Marshal’s Handbooks.
  • Anadolou Unit Deluxe Bundle: Strike fear into the enemy with 3x Janissaries Challenge Tokens, 4x Azaps & Sipahi Challenge Chests, 6x Silahdars' Challenge Tokens, and a Silahdar Avatar.
  • Blood of the Empire Unit Challenges: Activate the Season IV: Blood of the Empire Unit Challenges for 50% off in the F5 menu.

IMPORTANT: You can only purchase EITHER the Anadolou Unit Challenge Bundle OR the Anadolou Unit Deluxe Bundle. By purchasing one, you will be unable to purchase the other.

Glorious Sun Weekly Discounts

Every week of the Glorious Sun Festival will come with a new set of discounts! From now until May 5 (10:30 server time) you can grab 20% off the following consumables

Scroll of Renewal

Personal Storage Expansion

Honour Reset Token

Gender & Appearance Reset

Cross-region Migration Token

Disguise Kit

New Identity Document

Scribal Service

Horse Trough

Logistics Charter

House Renewal Charter

Martial Arts Manuscript

Expansion Permit

Vault Key

10-Battle Unit XP Card

10-Battle Hero XP Card

Stay tuned for more discounts each week, as Glorious Sun Festival celebrations are happening until May 26!