Forget your pencil and paper for this test! From April 4 (10:00 CEST) to April 8 (10:00 CEST) we will be running a test to facilitate matchmaking from the Open World without the need to seek shelter in a camp.

We need your help with testing this new feature, and here’s how!

  • Simply begin the matchmaking process while in the Open World (by clicking ‘J’), without the need to set up a camp.
  • While in the matchmaking queue, you will be able to freely move around and collect resources, but cannot cross the borders (from The Borderlands Ungverija, for example) or use cross-region relocation orders.
  • You cannot initiate a chase, start to be pursued, attack bandits etc. while in the matchmaking queue or you will be ejected and have to begin the process again.
  • If you are matched within a team and another player leaves the team, this will interrupt the match and you will be ejected from the matchmaking queue.
  • When the matchmaking battle is over, you will find yourself back in the Open World in a camp. You will need to manually strike camp before you can move.

During Territory Wars on April 5, this feature will be disabled from the start of the preparation period to the end of the battle.

During this test, we will continue to closely monitor the status to ensure a positive experience for all players. If any bugs appear, the test may be terminated early, but this will not affect camping or matchmaking functions.

Let us know what you think and if you encounter any issues via our feedback channel on Discord!