Along with changes to balancing and unit colours, Conqueror’s Blade: Paragons is also introducing new improvements to the Attire Chest system. With the March 24 update, we’ll be rolling out adjustments to how Attire Chests work that will make them easier to understand and use.

  • All Attire Chests obtainable via events can be opened with a new item: Golden Keys. It will be available under the Store’s Consumables tab.
  • All unopened Attire Chests from events will be converted into an equal number of Golden Keys. For instance, if you have 5 unopened Sunken Treasure Troves and 10 Owl of Minerva Chests before the update, these will be converted into 15 Golden Keys following the update. From March 24, you can check your Golden Keys within the Attire Chest menu (by pressing ‘G’), where you can unlock Attire Chests as they come into rotation.
  • Attire Chests will be available on rotation in the new Attire Chest menu (‘G’). Check back soon for more information regarding the times and content of each rotation.

The following Attire Chests will be converted into Golden Keys:

  • Warlord Attire Chest
  • Clothier’s Guild Chest
  • Sunken Treasure Trove
  • Ten Suns Chest
  • Owl of Minerva Chest

If you own any of the above Chests, head into the Attire Chest menu to open these before the March 24 update.

IMPORTANT: Artisan Attire Collections will not be converted at this time. We are currently working on upgrading these, so stay tuned for more details!