The Paragons Battle Pass is now available to buy from MY.GAMES Market, Steam, and in-game!

The Battle Pass allows you to earn even more rewards on top of the Free Pass by completing Seasonal Challenges and accumulating Glory, with exclusive French-inspired cosmetics, new Emotes, and many more helpful items to aid you on your journey to victory. 

With the Battle Pass, you’ll also draw more Blades to exchange in the Seasonal Store for items to elevate your signature style.


Conqueror’s Blade is free to play, so you can earn fantastic rewards without spending a penny!
Highlights include:

  • Paragons Season Avatar (Tier 25): Equip this Avatar to show your dedication to the glorious kingdom of Pays-de-la-Gloire.
  • Paragon Weapons Cache (Tier 70): Unlock a new themed weapon skin of your choice to wield on the battlefield.
  • Legendary Artillery Selection Box (Tier 80): Wreak havoc with Legendary Artillery!

There are plenty of Blades, Treatise, Chests of Bronze, and many more epic items to be earned, too.


For the discerning Warlord, there’s no better way to attain great honour than with a Paragons Battle Pass! The Battle Pass includes all Free Pass rewards, plus new ones.
Check out some of the highlights waiting for you in the Paragons Battle Pass:

  • Ordre de l'Aigle Hero Attire (Tier 1 - INSTANT UNLOCK): This full-body armour is inspired by the group of soldiers who inspired its name, features resplendent white eagle feathers symbolising strength, and proudly displays the colours of the Pays-de-la-Gloire flag.
  • Bend the Knee Emote (Tier 15):Show your respect to your allies (and foes) with this new Emote.
  • Gendarme Company Unit Attire (Tier 50): Honouring the ancestors of wars long fought who were promised proud horses and helmets and armour of steel for their heroic efforts, deck out your Units (and their steeds) in this fearsome attire.
  • Ordre de la Pucelle Mount Set (Tier 70): There can be no nobler animal than the horse in times of conflict, and this regal Mount Set will show your enemies that loyalty is greater than any weapon.
  • With Me! Emote (Tier 85): Wave your banner with pride!
  • Ordre de la Pucelle Hero Attire (Tier 100): Only warriors of the Knights of the Order are equipped with this unique armour to honour their patron, Gabrielle-Maëlys. Gold and steel accoutrements adorn this magnificent set, indicating in no uncertain terms that whoever wears this is to be respected.


Unlock Blades from the Battle Pass to exchange in the Seasonal Store for brand-new themed weapon skins and brandish your arms in the colours of Pays-de-la-Gloire. You can also exchange Blades for Antique variants of attires and weapon skins from Season VIII: Dynasty.

  • Paragons Weapon Skins: Equip French-inspired weapons such as the Le Bourreau Poleaxe, the distinguished Musket of the King's Guards, and the luxurious Franc-Archier's Bow.
  • Antique Weapon Skins: Brandish the weapons of the Qian Dynasty warriors with these ornamental weapon skins from Season VIII: Dynasty, including the Coiled Dragon Bow and Green Chaser Daggers.
  • Antique Attires: Imbue the dynastic spirit of Season VIII with the elite Iron Warrior Hero Attire, legendary Shadow Legion Unit Attire, and majestic Wrathful Emperor Hero Attire.

Purchase the Paragons Battle Pass now via MY.GAMES Market, Steam, and in-game, and reap the benefits!