As Conqueror’s Blade enters its eleventh season, Paragons, a series of quality of life optimisations will be rolled out to optimise battles for a more comfortable experience.

The first of these changes is to unit colours, which we’re updating to make it easier to distinguish between friend and foe. In areas with poor lighting, we know some players have found it difficult to discern which units are friendlies and which are enemies, and all in all, each side's markers haven't been clear enough, making it difficult for players to confidently enact their strategies on the battlefield.

When the Custom Unit Colours change comes into effect, you will be able to customise the colours of the various factions' units to more easily differentiate between allies and foes. We’ve opted to keep the colours as close as possible to the original for the default selection but made them brighter and more easily discernable by adjusting the overlay shades.

We have also made a series of colour combinations available that you can select to apply to different factions.

While designing custom unit colours, we became more aware of a very important issue that we've previously neglected—accessibility. We have therefore added colours for players with colour vision deficiencies as our first step to improving their game experience.

These changes will come into effect when Conqueror’s Blade: Paragons releases on March 17.