It's been a while since we've been able to update you on the progress we're making behind the scenes with Booming Games. Since then you've been submitting your questions and concerns, If you need more clarification, we need to know more about it, and we need to know it through the usual channels and we will try to address it in a future Producer Q & A.

Q: The version of Conqueror's Blade available in China is different from the current open beta version. Are there any plans to release it outside SE Asia?

A: While different in some areas, the aforementioned version of Conqueror's Blade is heavily geared towards the Chinese and SE Asian markets. However, its key features, presentation and extra content will be coming to the MY.GAMES version of Conqueror's Blade soon. There are some work in localization and game balancing; to ensure we remain more attuned to a Western audience. It's a process that will take time, but it's also about working with Booming Games for some months already. Rest assured that we'll have more to announce soon.

Q: Will you change the weekly event times?

A: We have no plans to change the schedule for Territory Wars at the present time, but we are looking to try out some different times for other events to help accommodate more players who enjoy playing Conqueror's Blade outside of the usual hours.

Q: Do you plan to enable trading between players?

A: This feature is currently not in our plans, but we are researching secure mechanisms that will allow players to donate resources towards common goals, so players can help one another without the need for direct trading.

Q: Will you reduce the number of rebels?

A: We are aware that NPC rebel encounters are frustrating for a lot of players, but the solution is not simply about changing a number in the code so that fewer rebels appear. Our goal is to make rebels more interesting and rewarding to fight against, however, yes, we are actively working on measures to reduce rebel numbers. We aim to deploy a fix as early as next week!

Q: Why are there no Auction Houses in any of the Borderlands cities?

A: While there are many good reasons for players to enter the Borderlands, there has to be an incentive to ensure that players regularly return to the other regions. As the Borderlands is a more lawless place, it stands to reason that commerce is more attracted to the more secure cities and towns. However, we expect Auction House functionality to become available across the Borderlands - it’s just a matter of time!

Q: When will the classes be balanced?

A: Balancing is a never-ending and continuous process, but it’s also a goal we are edging closer towards with each new release, by tweaking and making changes to classes, attributes and abilities. Know however that we don’t make any change lightly - we base every decision we make on extensive gameplay statistics, your valuable feedback and the team’s design experience. 

Having worked a lot on melee classes recently, right now we are turning our attention towards ranged combat. Of course, it will be necessary to revisit all classes and units from time to time, especially before and after each new release. 

Q: Why is the game being flagged by my antivirus software after an update?

A: Unfortunately AV software can sometimes provide “false positive” malware detection because it may lack accurate information about the game’s executive files. To combat this we are continuously providing AV developers with the information needed to allow them to eliminate such detections ever happening. Please be reassured that the MY.GAMES launcher and all our titles are rigorously and continually checked to ensure the files are safe for your computer to run.

Q: Why does the game ask for so much information?

A: It's not uncommon for a game, especially a live multiplayer game, to collect your data in the game. Rest assured that MY.GAMES takes every effort to protect your data, and adheres to all laws concerning the collection, storage and use of your personal information.

Hopefully, we've had some news about having cropped up recently. If not, please do not hesitate to contact us via our community team

Thank you for your continued understanding and support, see you on the battlefield!