Get an exclusive look behind the curtain at what goes into the conceptualisation, design, and inspiration for Conqueror’s Blade weapon skins. In Paragons, France is the main historical inspiration, and the symbols and visuals of the country are set to immerse you in the luxurious yet conflicted culture of Pays-de-la-Gloire.

We sat down with Anton Mamhionov, Creative Director at Booming Tech to discuss the French-inspired weapon skins.

Talk us through the conceptualisation of the Paragons weapon skins.

As mentioned during our last talk in the article about the Season X: Highlanders weapons designs – the first step for me and our Concept Design Leader (Tian Ran) in the earliest stages of every season is to do historical research, via museums and archaeological publishing. Since we're a historically-inspired but fictional game, we use the real prototypes and look for the strongest unique points and symbols to present each culture in a unique way.

 How were you inspired by real-world history? Any specific eras?

For Paragons, we decided to use some of the brightest and most distinguished details from museums, symbols of France (you may see the national animal on weapon grips, for example), then add exaggerated luxury, Burgundian, and baroque era visuals. We do not copy history; we create while being inspired by it.

Which is more important; fashion or function? Or can they co-exist in harmony to create a well-rounded experience?

You're absolutely right that it’s sometimes tricky. To create a good-looking weapon there should be a balance between making it look realistic and practical but still standing out and being one of a kind and memorable. For a game – balance is good. For a real-life fight, I'd grab the ugliest and most practical weapon, no doubt. Luckily, games allow some flexibility to let us all enjoy some crazy design ideas together.

How do the weapon skins portray the idea of dedication, virtue, and liberty that heroes and their units are fighting for this Season?

Most importantly, we want Paragons to present a memorable, unique representation of France with its sometimes self-contradictory elements (such as the heroic Banner Guards vs the arrogant and rich Chevaliers), the luxury of royalty (our Battle Pass cosmetics) and poverty due to the suffering of a country at war (our seasonal map). Also, the heroism of Joan of Arc, and the treachery of her leaders... this Season has much to tell.

Which weapon skin do you think is the most striking this Season?

I usually always pick one weapon, but this time, I'm sorry – can't! The Concept Artists did an amazing job and I literally love every weapon and simply can't pick just one. 

The Paragons Battle Pass includes Blades which can be exchanged in the Seasonal Store to get your hands on your favourite French-inspired weapon skin! Preorder today and get ready to unlock them from March 17.