Three brand-new Seasonal Units are coming to Conqueror’s Blade: Paragons, starting from March 17. The second Units that will be available to unlock are ready to stand by your side:Banner Guards (4-Star).

The Banner Guards are inspired by Joan of Arc’s knights who carried their banners high in the siege of Orléans. Flags were an important symbol of ancient warfare, used not just for regimental communication between sets of troops, but also as a morale booster, and a reminder of just what these armies were fighting for. Distinctive banners have been used for centuries throughout the world. Joan’s flags were white and featured the iconic fleur-de-lys to symbolise purity.

Banner Guards feel privileged to carry the banner for their leaders in Conqueror’s Blade. These veteran soldiers are skilled in a variety of weapons, including swords and axes. When commanding them, you will be equipped with a unique ability: charge with your Banner Guards, regardless of any cooldowns active on the unit.

By bravely planting their banner, the unit applies attack damage and defensive buffs to surrounding troops, rallying weary allies to renew their efforts. 

However flexible and aggressive the unit may be, they do have one weakness. The soldier carrying the banner is vulnerable, and his loss will force the Banner Guards to regroup and summon a new standard-bearer. 

Unlock the Banner Guards via new Unit Challenges in Conqueror’s Blade: Paragons when they arrive on March 28!