Those who dare to dive into the oceans, often find treasure! Pick up Sunken Treasure Troves in-game until March 10, and add prized booty such as Hero and Unit Attire, Banners, and more to your collection.

For a limited time, you can claim FREE Sunken Treasure Troves when you spend Sovereigns at the in-game Store. The more Sovereigns you spend before March 10 (23:59 server time), the more free Troves you receive - along with special bonus items!

Check out the details for the Fortune’s Bounty event below:



Bonus Items

500 Sovereigns

1x Sunken Treasure Trove

1x Large Chest of Bronze

1,000 Sovereigns

1x Sunken Treasure Trove

2x Royal Thistle (5,000 Glory each)

2,000 Sovereigns

2x Sunken Treasure Troves

1x Random Legendary Artillery Chest

3,000 Sovereigns

2x Sunken Treasure Troves

3x Royal Thistle (5,000 Glory each)

6,000 Sovereigns

6x Sunken Treasure Troves

1x Trove of Ten Thousand (10,000 Silver Coins)

10,000 Sovereigns

1x Avatar: Kabuto

Title: Seonadh's Envoy

Note: Drop rates for the items in the Sunken Treasure Troves can be found here.